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Dating With Dignity: How To Identify the Guys You Date

Meet the MANimals You Date

There are four types of men you meet when dating that you want to avoid and being able to identify the type of man he is will help you in understanding why your relationship is headed nowhere.

The MANimals are:

  • Mr. Elusive
  • The Crybaby
  • Mr. Quality Casual
  • The Hunter

Mr. Elusive plays hot and cold for you (he makes a quick connection with you but has a hard time with commitment).

The Crybaby is the sweet guy that easily attracts your nuturing nature (but despite how much he shares he's not emotionally available or relationship stable).

Mr. Quality Casual is almost boyfriend material (but his other priorities will show up sooner or later that lead to the end of the relationship).

The Hunter is the bad boy that you've dated (he's not looking for a relationship).

Recognizing the types of men you date allow you to make important descisions about your dating and relationships so you can find the other men that we haven't discussed yet.

The ones that really are boyfriend material because you want a man that:

  • Doesn't play games
  • Does what he says
  • Means what he says
  • Doesn't push sex on you

Once you can identify the four types of men mentioned above you become open to the men that are boyfriend material, men that you really want to date and you're ability to find them rises significantly.

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To your success,

Robert Lee

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