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Dating After Divorce Success

Dating After Divorce - Your Guide To Quickly Getting Back Into "The Dating Game" After A Divorce Or Breakup
By Ken Kennedy
www.Double Your

Hi Ken,
I am recently divorced and just getting back in the game, so your ebook is a great reminded as to what works. I just had to share an experience with you:

I'm at dinner with this girl the other night (3rd date) and she is telling how her best friend's husband is completely whipped over his wife. To the point that he won't make a decision or take a step without her. As she's telling me this I am of course leaning way back.

She obviously wants me to say something, but I just slightly raise an eyebrow. Then the kicker, she asks me if I have ever been whipped on a girl or if I could be. I gave her the nice, long pause and said what do you think?

She responded with "No Way!"

Now this girl is very intelligent and fairly aggressive, but she then says that she has to have a guy that is more aggressive and she can't stand when guys don't take the lead. I thought this girl might be reading from your newsletter.

Then later at my apartment as we are all over each other on the couch, she stops and asks me "what kind of girl do you respect?" Now that was the first time a girl asked me that, so I just said "the kind that is independent and makes her own decisions."

Now I'm not sure if that was the right thing to say, so about 10 minutes later when I didn't think things were going much further, I said "I think we should call it a night". She quickly asked me if there was going to be a fourth date? I said, "of course why wouldn't there be".

Then the best happens, she said, "Well, I didn't think you liked me the first time we went out and you just have me a little confused." Great stuff.

Then I think I make a mistake. She asks me what my plans are for the next night and I say I don't have any. So she asks me to go out the next night and I say yes even though I would rather hold off for a couple of days.

I have a few questions:
1) What is another way I could respond to the question of going out the very next night?
2) If I wanted to back out but still keep her interested, what suggestions do you have?

C, Houston

WOW, you've raised about 147 GREAT points in your letter. Let's talk about a few of them:
Women who say "I like a man to be aggressive and take the lead" aren't reading my newsletters (well, maybe they are!!?).

I'm writing my newsletters because women like men who follow the basic rules. I'm not inventing the things I teach in my head, then hoping they work in the real world. I've been researching, testing, and studying this stuff for a long time now. For every thing that I teach or suggest, I've tried at least a hundred others, in other words, I'm only teaching the best of the best.

When you hear me saying "Women aren't attracted to indecisive wussies", it's not just to be cute. You will rarely find a statement that is true more of the time than that one. And I mean very rarely.

Now, when she asked you "What kind of woman do you respect?", you should have said:

"Ones that don't ask a lot of questions"

"Ones that earn it".

Get it?

What are you doing answering a question like that with a normal, serious, boring answer?

Read my ebook again. Be more of a challenge. Be mysterious. And for goshsakes don't be predictable!

Finally, when she asked you what your plans were for the next night, you should have said:

"My plans are to not be with you, you brat!"
"That's classified"
"NO, you CAN NOT take me to Vegas and marry me"

Or any one of 100 ways to both tease her and put her off the trail of hanging out with you. You do not need to be deceptive or manipulative in order to say "I'd prefer to not see you tomorrow night".

You don't need permission to not see a woman. By rolling over and doing what you did, you put aside your own desires, and demonstrated that your inner wussy is actually in charge.

This is a great example of getting back into the dating scene and regaining control over your dating. But you have to remember, don't give up that control. You've done that enough already in your past life. When the woman tells you that she wants a man to take control she's being honest, not only with you but with herself.

Universal Rule #1: Women want men that make decisions.

Universal Rule #2: Women dump men that they can control (sooner or later, once the man has surrendered all she wants from him).

Universal Rule #3: Women will test you at odd times to see if you're willing to give up the control of making decisions, don't fail these tests.

Thanks for all you've written. Your writing is inspired and your wit is great. As a 51 year old man, my success with your program has easily gone from 20% to about 85%. I generally use email and create a non-threatening relationship through emails, including humor, and romantic discussions. I avoid sex talk, but when I the woman brings it up, which they always do, I ask them "Are you trying to seduce me?" Invariably the women wants to make the next move. It's amazing!

There is a subject however, that you haven't covered:
How to avoid the broken hearted woman?

Your techniques are so successful, and the women get so attached to me that I can't get rid of them. It is a difficult situation. Since I'm certain that this must happen to you often, I'm wondering how you deal with the woman who becomes attached to you like Velcro. I really think it might be worthwhile for you to write a topic on it.

Again, thanks for your marvelous techniques.

With Kindest Regards,
R.D.. Massachusetts.

Ohhhh, I see. So if I write a book and teach you how to get rich you're going to email me and tell me that you're having trouble spending all the money, and your tax bill is large?

The answer you're looking for is simple:
If you don't want a woman to get attached to you in the first place, don't talk her more than a couple of times a week, or see her more than every week or so. That's the answer you're looking for.

Your goal really, as a man that's now been around the block is to "date all the women"! Once you're read the ebook you'll know the steps to take to "date all the women" while making it plain to them that you are "dating other women" as you "get your life back together". But don't come off all broken from your experiences. You are stronger now and should always exude the confidence you now have.

Make the dates, don't break them. And let the women know that this is a casual dating experience through your "actions". Date any woman once a week, once every two weeks, not twice a week or several times a week.

Phone calls are separated by "days". Emails are separated by "days". When she starts calling you to make more frequent dates, or comes on to you for her to take center stage in your life you must let her know that you're not quite ready to settle down again: "Just not yet, sorry babe".

Universal Rule #4: To "date all the women" you must show through your actions that your dating is a casual experience.

Time will allow you to not make the same mistake again in your life. Time. Take the time to enjoy the company of a wider variety of events, adventures and women in your life.

Universal Rule #5: Time does heal all wounds. After your divorce is final (or your separation is legal and by law you can date again without damaging your divorce settlement) you're dating style must be "casual" Do not get deeply involved, do not find yourself in a "rebound romance".

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To your success with women,
Robert Lee

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