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How To Get Over Your Ex-Wife

Dating After Divorce: How To Get Over Your Ex-Wife
Your Guide To Quickly Getting Back Into "The Dating Game" After A Divorce Or Breakup By Ken Kennedy www.Double Your

Do you wish you could let go of the past and free yourself from the emotional ties you still have with your ex? If you want to make a clean break, move past your divorce, and feel clear and confident again read on.

We've all heard the joke about the guy who leaves his 40 year old wife.. and "trades her in" for two women in their 20's.

This ideal has become so common in our culture that many of us guys have bought into it. It seems innocent enough - but what happens when our reality doesn't match up?

What happens when instead of us doing the DUMPING, we're the one who gets DUMPED? And the woman you loved and hoped you would spend the rest of your life with instead carves your heart right out of your chest?

What happens to this ideal then?

Read on and you'll discover one of the most important secrets in existence on the topic of getting over your ex-wife.


Not to be negative or anything, but the more experience I get the more I realize how tough us guys have it.

And you know what the toughest part about being a man is?

We're never allowed to share just how TOUGH it really can be. We can't even TALK about it.

Seriously, if you've got testosterone pumping through your veins, you come naturally hardwired with the urge to RESIST letting people know you're having a hard time with things.

We can't even ask for damn directions when we're driving through a new city - that's how bad we have it.


Then this little thing called "divorce" enters our lives. Most men try not to look like it doesn't effect them, but it pretty much turns all of our lives upside down.

Now, when WOMEN get divorced, they're allowed to spend time crying, getting consoled by friends, and taking plenty of time to grieve, re-assess, and move on with their lives.

But us GUYS, oh NO we get stuck with this macho ideal of "trading in the 40 for two 20's."

Where the hell does that leave us when we're not exactly in the right "mental space" to be thinking about hooking up with two 20 year old little vixens and even if it's something we THINK ABOUT, we're just not CAPABLE of putting ourselves out there yet and making it happen.

So what do most guys do?

Yep, that's right - we go and make it HARDER ON OURSELVES by thinking that we "should" be having an easier time with divorce;
that we "should" have already gotten over it;
and that we "should" be out there dating those damn 20 year olds.

Now, the great thing about being hard on ourselves is that it moves us closer to what we want, heals our wounds, and helps us get a fresh start on life.

Yeah right.

Being hard on ourselves helps in NO WAY WHATSOEVER. It only makes things HARDER. So why the hell do we do it?

It's because we've been PROGRAMMED this way. "Suck it up, man... and if you can' suck it up, you're a wimp!"

Now THERE'S some real constructive thinking.

But even if you can SEE that beating yourself up doesn't help you, it's another thing entirely to get yourself to STOP DOING it.

Like I said, we've been PROGRAMMED as men to think this way.. and realizing this doesn't make it magically go away all by itself.

It takes time and it takes practice.

But it's well worth it.


If you want to free yourself from the emotional baggage that comes when the woman you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with breaks your heart, you need to stop judging yourself and putting pressure on yourself and buying into the garbage that says you shouldn't have a problem with divorce because you're a guy.

Don't be so damn hard on yourself.

Recognize that this is unhealthy programming that almost all guys buy into, and give yourself some time to get over your divorce on your own schedule.

Research shows that many people take about a year after divorce to get out of negative thought patterns, and more time after that to really synthesize all their learnings about the divorce process and take their lives to a level that's even higher than were it was BEFORE their divorce.

That's right it's possible to have your best life ever AFTER your divorce. It may not feel like it now, but it IS possible - especially if you hang in there and make a focused effort to learn everything you can about the process you're going through.

And when the time is right, there's OTHER PROGRAMMING that's you'd be wise to get over, too.

For one, when you're ready to meet more women than you ever have in your entire life, it'll be helpful for you to get over the programming that says there's something "wrong" with approaching women in public places like book shops, grocery stores, airports, etc.

And when you're ready to cause a woman to feel a deep, gut-level attraction for you, it'll be helpful for you to get over the programming that says you need to be "nice" and "polite" and basically give all your power away in order to win a woman over.

And when you're ready to learn how to take things to a physical level with almost any woman in a smooth, natural way, it'll be helpful for you to get over the programming that says you have to wait a certain amount of time before escalating things.. and that says good girls take a long time to "give it up"... and that says there's something wrong with seduction and giving women intense physical pleasure.

So there's the path that's in front of you - recover emotionally from your divorce, learn the lessons, and come back stronger than ever.

If you want, you can try to do this all by yourself. You might be one of those "I learn by trial and error damn it!" kind of guys.

If that's you, I respect your independent attitude and wish you the best of luck.

Now, let's move into a happier area:

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To your success with women,
Ken Kennedy

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