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Universal Rules For Dating After Divorce

Dating After Divorce - Your Guide To Quickly Getting Back Into "The Dating Game" After A Divorce Or Breakup By Ken Kennedy www.Double Your

Making the comeback as a single man into the dating scene does not have to lead to additional relationship failure or heartbreak.

Straightforward changes to a man's behavior will allow any man to regain the control he once had over his own life and his future relationships.

These "Universal Rules" are a guideline on the strong points of regaining "dating control" for men that find themselves single after breakup or divorce.

Universal Rule #1: Women want men that make decisions.

Decision making is one area that the average man can successfully do in the business world and in the relationship world he easily surrenders to satisfy the woman in his life. This "surrender" of power and masculine decision making ability ultimately does not satisfy the woman and the man finds himself alone, whether in or out of his relationship.

Universal Rule #2: Women dump men that they can control (sooner or later, once the man has surrendered all she wants from him).

When you provide you should provide because you want to, not as a requirement of the relationship. When you become the "slave of offerings" once the woman no linger gets the satisfaction of your gifts and providing power then you will be used up and set aside.

Universal Rule #3: Women will test you at odd times to see if you're willing to give up the control of making decisions, don't fail these tests.

Tests come in many forms and many ways. Generally they are small questions, seeking to evaluate the conditions where you will pass the decision making authority to her. The questions support the man to allow the woman to decide small things, then larger options in the relationship. These tests must not be passed over lightly. The man should always be on guard to protect his decision making authority in the relationship, whether casually dating or more intimately involved.

Universal Rule #4: To "date all the women" you must show through your actions that your dating is a casual experience.

Follow the "rules of contact" to keep dating on a casual level. Phone calls and emails are separated by days, not hours. Follow-up phone calls and emails are short, to the point and not involved conversations. During a date conversations that turn to taking the relationship "to the next level" should be played with and joked about unless you've passed the 4 month mark of dating and are feeling serious about the woman. Relationship power must not be decided by the woman.

Universal Rule #5: Time does heal all wounds.

After your divorce is final (or your separation is legal and by law you can date again without damaging your divorce settlement) you're dating style must be "casual" Do not get deeply involved, do not find yourself in a "rebound romance".

Time will allow you to not make the same mistake again in your life. Time. Take the time to enjoy the company of a wider variety of events, adventures and women in your life.

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