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Carlos Xuma: Seduce Her Because It's What She Wants

Carlos Xuma Says... She wants to be seduced by you. Can you? Pick-up advice for men by Carlos Xuma based on 'The Dating Black Book'

Do you know about the RULES for women? Do you want to know how to counter her tests and games? Do you know where to touch women to give them the chills and turn them on to you?

Continue reading and you will.

I'm going to start off with a scandalous statement:
No matter what today's pop culture and media tell you, women don't want men who are 'feminized'. They want men who understand women, but behave like MEN.

Every romantic involvement with a woman must begin with a passionate seduction in order to develop into anything further. You cannot sneak in the back door of her emotions and start out as friends, hoping to turn it into romance later on. ('Friends first' is a myth.)

Remember: Seduction isn¹t bad or wrong.

It¹s absolutely necessary.

Men and women get together because of one reason: Attraction. A woman will only want to be with a man initially who fires up her desire, and she will only stay with him if he can keep that fire burning. She might stick around out of necessity or obligation (i.e., marriage, children), but that is not the way you want to keep a woman.

I'm sure you've seen this situation: Some guy is talking with a beautiful woman. She's laughing away at his jokes, flipping her hair back, and touching his arm as if she's known him forever, but you know she's only just met him. The worst part is that he's not even good looking! And his suit looks like he just shot his couch. Eventually, the hot babe leaves the bar with him.

What could this guy possibly have or know that allows him to be brave enough to jump in and attract gorgeous women successfully?

He has some of what I call the Critical Success Factors (the 'Three S's') with women:

- Self-confidence
- Sense of humor
- Self-control

These traits combined create a powerful communication style that will put you over the top with any woman you desire. Good looks are not ­ repeat ­ NOT necessary. In fact, they will limit you, since many women have shields up to protect them from the 'players'.

Here's a secret, and this may be the most valuable information you¹ll ever read:
Women cannot logically choose the men they feel attracted to.

They cannot choose this voluntarily, any more than men can choose the women they find visually attractive. Your attractiveness resides on a subtle layer of communication, just below the surface of your appearance. Once you know the principles of this communication style, you can use it whenever you need to get a woman interested in you.

Women want to be seduced by men. But only by a man who initiates in the right way. Yes, that¹s right; women have sexual needs that are as powerful as men¹s (even stronger, in most cases.) However, they are looking for a man who can communicate his sexual value through certain dominant 'Alpha Man' behaviors.

So, how do you use this?

Begin with these critical principles:

- A woman does not want to be constrained or confined.
You cannot come on too strong or threaten her freedom. If you do, she will rebel and disappear. You must always be an inch out of reach for her to feel comfortable letting you pursue her. (Stop and re-read that; it¹s critical to understand.) She must never feel as if she¹s tied down unless she chose to commit. In other words, you give her space so that she feels free to act on her desires.

- A woman will feel attracted to men who tease and challenge her. Teasing raises frustration, which starts her attraction. To the degree that you can remain elusive and retain the aura of a valuable commodity (i.e., hard-to-get, wanted by other women) you will command her respect and attraction. In other words, she wants what you do not easily give her.

Forget anything your mom or dad may have told you. Ignore the advice of your jaded, bitter female friends. If you want to learn what women really want, throw logic out the window. Start watching what women actually respond to, not what they say they want.

Results are the only thing that matters in dating and seduction.

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