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Dating Service Profile Questions

Know what to questions to expect

So... you’ve never visited an online dating service before and you want to know what to expect when you do. You're in the right place!

Rob of is happy to be able to fill you in on what to expect, how to answer the questions that will be asked of you and what to do if everything goes horribly wrong.

Just remember that when all goes well for you, (and many people find true love every hour of every day online!) you will tell your friends that you started it all with a trip to and this article about online dating service profile questions.

Dating service profile questions

To be meet people online at a dating service you will need to join first and answer the dating service profile questions that are asked of you usually before you can browse and/or contact other members.

These typically include:

A fictional nickname or username for yourself - so that other members have something to call you other than your real name

A password - to log in to your personal profile or personal ad account

Your email address - not usually disclosed to other members but used by the online dating service to contact you. Be sure you understand what happens to your email address by the service you join, before you join

Your age - within an age range or your actual age

Your birth day and month - usually for a daily horoscope reading or horoscope compatibility matching capability of the service

Your gender - male or female

Your sexual orientation - straight, homosexual, bisexual

Your marital status - are you single, divorced, married, widowed

Your location - this may be as general as your state/province and country or may be as specific as your city and county as well as your postal/zip code. Some profile questionnaires will even ask for your telephone calling area code

Your picture - usually optional with your personal ad, you should always have a picture of yourself in your computer ready to be submitted/uploaded with your profile ad. You will be told that profiles with pictures receive 8 times more people reading and contacting you that if your profile did not have a picture. We can tell you that this is true and it may even be a low estimate!

You will also be asked to describe yourself so someone will not only be able to decide if they are interested in contacting you (whether online or in person) but if they find you as a compatible match through additional questions that you answer from your dating service profile.

This could be a series of essay questions, a series of ‘likes and dislikes’ form answers or a combination of both.

There is also often a place for you to describe the type of person that you feel would be a suitable match for yourself as well.

This could also be an essay type question or a series of ‘likes and dislikes’ questions that will complete your profile and help other members to decide if they want to contact you or not.

But what if all does not go as you expected, you ask.

What if you are being harassed by another member? – Save the messages you feel are harassing and contact the customer service of the dating service immediately. Provide details about the member that is harassing you to the customer service representative and if you feel that you can no longer safely use the service, as for a refund on your membership fees

What if you can’t get your membership cancelled and your credit card keeps getting charged for a membership you no longer want? – Write the billing department or the customer service department of the dating service. If they fail to respond within a reasonable amount of time (we call 3 business days reasonable, you may feel a shorter or longer waiting time is reasonable) contact your credit card company and have the credit card charges reversed and ask that no further charges be authorized to your card

What if you have a complaint against the service and they won’t help you correct things? - Contact the staff at We are available to mediate any valid complaint against most online dating services. If a dating service has been reviewed and recommended by staff, we will most certainly get involved on your behalf to help work out a solution.

If the dating service is not recommended by staff, we will try to help as best we can. Be sure to email us all details of your complaint, the steps you have taken in bringing your complaint to their attention and the reason why the dating service has acted against what you feel is your best interest as a customer of theirs.

Now you know what the usual basics of any dating service profile questions are going to be asked of you when you decide to visit and join online dating services.

Of course the essay questions and form answers will vary by the service you join.

Although there can be similar features in most online dating services, it is the profile and personal ad questions, as well as the individual features, services and members, that make each dating service unique. A great place to discover the differences between reputable online dating services is

Every service has been visited and reviewed according to a strict set of rules and they are followed up on monthly to be certain that the services listed maintain their quality of service and features.

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