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Are You A Dating Transformer?

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No, I am not talking about one of those robots which changes shape.

I am talking about one of those people whose personalities transform whenever they have a couple of glasses of wine or other type of alcoholic beverage.

They talk differently.

They act differently.

They may start talking in gibberish.

You almost wonder if you're hanging out with some kind of alien or something.

Is this sounding at all familiar to you?

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So, when you're with this "transformer," do you think that perhaps they were just in the mood to "cut loose and go with the flow," since they seem to turn into an entirely different person than the one you know.

Each day you wonder which personality will show up to greet you.

Each day you may have a totally different person next to you than you did on the day before that.

You're afraid to take them to a cocktail party because you're not quite sure who the hell is going to show up.

They could have one alcoholic beverage, and all of a sudden you'll say that certain twinkle in their eyes and know that the psycho personality is about to show itself.

They have their second alcoholic beverage, and the next thing you know you see your boss standing next them.

You start thinking "Oh God, no!"

Then, to your surprise, your boss looks at you and says "Your girlfriend is really great. You never told me you like to be spanked in the bedroom."

From then on you are known in the office as "spank boy" all because she decided to blurt out some of your private business that was meant to be kept just between you and her.

Then when you go to have a conversation with her about that the next day, she says she doesn't remember what she said or why she said it because she was too much under the influence of what she was drinking.

The conversation is all but impossible because she has transformed back to her "regular self."

You could also bring them with you to a function with your family.

You see them have a few drinks, and the next thing you know they turn into another psychotic transformer.

If you thought what happened with your boss was a nightmare, just imagine what they are saying to your mother.

I actually once dated a transformer.

Whenever she was under the influence of anything, she would start speaking in some kind of mumbo jumbo gibberish language I couldn't understand.

Then one day she started saying things that scared the living hell out of me.

It was at that moment I realized I was dating a transformer.

We broke up shortly after that.

Have you ever dated a transformer?

And do you know how to deal with one if you are?

Even more importantly, what is attracting these "transformers" to you?

If you want to learn how to FOREVER eliminate all your dating fears and how to create the deep inner confidence you need to be able to easily and enjoyably meet and attract the women you most desire EVERY DAY (and stop attracting the WRONG WOMEN), then you need to check this out here.

Also, stay tuned, as I will continue to send you more TIPS and SECRETS about how to attract the women you most want - and how to become the truly powerful and confident man you want to be.

Until next time...

Your Friend,
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Dating Tips For Men. Throw Aside Your Fears And Learn How To Approach And Attract Women By Top Dating Coach David Wygant!

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