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Men And Women Can Be Great Friends

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I had lunch the other day with a woman friend of mine.

Yes, "When Harry Met Sally" fans... I've actually gotten to the point in my life where I can be friends with women, like their company, like to get their perspective on things, and not feel the need to molest them at the table.

Ahh, to be out of your twenties - what a relief!

I think men and women can be great friends. Some of my best friends are women.

This article, however, is not about men and women being friends.

This is about the art of pulling a woman's pigtails.

Remember back in grammar school when you had a crush on somebody but you had no idea what to say to her?

So what did you do?

You teased her, you pulled her pigtails, you flicked things at her, and you basically punched all your friends in the arm when they teased you about liking her.

Now granted, as an adult we tend not to punch our friends in the arm anymore.

We also tend not to walk up to a woman on the street and pull her pigtails.

Sexual harassment suits have ruined that part of the fun.

What we can do, though, is learn from our grammar school selves and realize that we didn't have it wrong.

Playful teasing is one of the best forms of flirting.

Let's call it the "pull the pigtail" phenomenon.

Let's see how this phenomenon might work in every day life. Say you're in your local neighborhood Whole Foods Market, and a woman that you're attracted to is standing right behind you.

Most of us try to think about the perfect thing to say, thinking "I've got to be funny.

I've got to say something perfect to get her attention."

For those of you who have bought my Men's Audio Mastery Series (here) and learned about the power of observation, you already know what the perfect thing is to do in this situation... it's to pull her pigtails.

For the rest of you, take a look at what's in her basket.

Find something to tease her about, and playfully start a fun exchange.

For instance, let's say in her basket she has a pint of blueberries, a bag of tortilla chips and a roll of sushi.

Think about what you would do with those three things.

You're going to eat the tortilla chips on the way home, you're going to cram down the sushi, then you're going to have the blueberries for breakfast because you want to be healthy.

So, say something here that will make her laugh:

You: "How long can you make that bag of tortilla chips last? Are you like me and you consume them on the way home?"

You could also say:

You: "What are you having for dinner... blueberries?
Because I like having sushi for breakfast."

That's funny... because there can be nothing grosser than having raw fish for breakfast.
Not only will this get her laughing, but it will cause a very playful "pull her pigtails"

For those of you who think this will never work, let me assure you that not only does this work but I've probably used this at least a thousand times to talk to people... and people respond positively virtually every time.

I don't just spew ideas at you from my ass - every one of these is natural and time tested.

Women love to be teased. From the moment you meet them, they like it when you're playful.

If you're playful, they can be playful back. This creates a fun, different dynamic.

Think about how women like to have sex. They love lots of foreplay and to be teased.

So the guy that barrels in, does a routine, and has sex like the GEICO caveman is not what women are looking to find.

So it's time you understand that pulling her pigtails is one of the best approaches that you can use in every situation.

Sometimes as adults, we just love to complicate things and make our life even more difficult than it has to be.

By the way, ladies, this advice works on men too. So the next time you see someone you're attracted to, take a look at how you can use a playful tease when you meet them.

When all else fails... pull her pigtails.

Truth is, it takes time to fully master the art of interacting with women - learning how to approach... how to dress... talk... flirt... get her info... set up dates... get intimate... manage your relationships... and more. Not only does it take time - it takes work.

I know, this is NOT what you want to hear. And certainly not what you often hear from marketers on the internet!

But the good news is that this is FUN work. I can show you exactly how to get amazingly good with women - to the point where it's just your natural, everyday way of being.

And I'll help you by using a simple, enjoyable, foolproof process I've developed in successfully coaching over 1,000 guys out in the real world.

Again, I'm not promising a "quick fix" or a "magic bullet."

I'm talking about a PROVEN way for you to become what women often refer to as a "REAL MAN" - a guy with across the board confidence, who just so happens to have mastered the art of attracting

I reveal more about this process here - and I recommend you check it out here.

What I've created here is the A-Z of what you need to transform your dating life - so that you can finally get all the dates, the relationships and intimacy you're looking for. And not just more...

But better quality, too (what guy doesn't want to be with hotter, more desirable women!)

All this is possible with my Men's Audio Mastery Series. No other program I currently offer gives you such a comprehensive foundation for success with women.

In fact, everyday my inbox is flooded with success stories from guys just like you - who have used it and experienced life-changing results. Heck, it even works in other countries...

(A Brazilian guy just emailed me letting me know that the change in perspective he experienced after listening my Men's Audio Mastery Series allowed him to begin dating a hot local actress - a woman who was previously way out of his league!)

Again, you can see what all the fuss is about right here.

Just check it out, and then feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Like all my products, I stand behind this 100%.

See ya next time,

David Wygant

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Yes, that's right.

You have "awoken the giant within" and I feel so much more confident. I can't remember the exact line you said from your audio file, but it was something like, "women are just as insecure as men." Thinking of that statement made me approach her. Fortune favors the bold!!!

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All the best,


Again, you can see what all the fuss is about right here.

Your Friend,
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Dating Tips For Men. Throw Aside Your Fears And Learn How To Approach And Attract Women By Top Dating Coach David Wygant!

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