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Guys Mistakes At The Meet Market

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Do you want to NEVER again suffer from that "frozen" feeling where you absolutely cannot get yourself to approach a woman you REALLY want to meet?

Do you want to NEVER again struggle to find something to say when you approach a woman?

Or even more importantly, Want to NEVER again spew ridiculous "routines" and "pick-up lines" to women?

Even better ...

Would you like to be able to comfortably approach and enjoy connecting with ANY woman you want?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you need to hop right over and check out my "What's Your Excuse?" audio program here.

Do you hit the bars weekend after weekend without meeting and attracting the women you want?

(or maybe even without attracting any women at all...)

Do you feel like you although you certainly "put yourself out there," that you just don't see the kind of results you want?

How frustrating!

Well you may be surprised to find out...

...that ONE PARTICULAR thing you are doing (maybe EVERY TIME you go out to the bar) may be what is keeping you from from meeting women when you go out to the bars...

Don't worry though --

-- cause I'm going to show you how to STOP doing this IMMEDIATELY (and how by doing that you will notice a change in your success at bar RIGHT AWAY.

A little story to help explain this first...


The last time I was speaking at David
DeAngelo's Man Transformation Seminar, I hung out with some of my buddies who are all amazing guys.

When I was hanging out with my buddy (and fellow dating expert) Will from New York, he came up with a phrase I thought was hilarious ... but also so "spot on" true that I'm going to use it here...

(I'd like to claim it as my own, but I can't because he's bigger than me and he'd absolutely kick my ass!)

So, as he and I were talking about night game at clubs and bars, he said something that really struck a cord for me... addition to it being one of the funniest things I think I've ever heard.

He said that when most guys go to a bar, it's like they're "punching the clock."

you're probably thinking "What does THAT mean?!"


Well let me paint the scene...

Guys get to the bar at ten o'clock at night.

The doorman looks at them and says, "20 bucks" and they pay him.

They take their time card inside and punch in.

Four hours later on their way out of the bar, they take their time card and punch out on their way out the door.

It's like they just want to be able to say they were there...

They do it just to say they went out that Friday or Saturday night.

This analogy is so true!


Think about it...

So many people are not active participants in their own lives!

They go to places that don't really suit them.

They go to bars, nightclubs, lounges to "go out and meet someone"...

BUT then once they're there, they just go there and "show up"

They stand in the corner. They don't say a word. They suck down a few cocktails.

Ok, sure ... maybe they make one lame attempt to approach a woman during the course of the night --

And when they get shot down, they don't understand why.

Do you see why?

They don't understand...

They don't understand why this happened, or how they could have been rejected, and they basically tell themselves "Well, at least I went out and tried."

Does this sound like you?

Do you believe that you "tried" in this scenario I've described?

Here the truth...

If you did what I described, then you
really DIDN'T try.

If you're going to go out to bars and clubs and just "punch the clock," then you're not really trying.

You're basically no different than the people who have a job that they don't like and they just go in there and punch the clock.

OK...So how do you fix this?

It's EASY...

All you need is a mindset switch and a decision to take some action.

You MUST be an active participant in your life at all times.

So why don't you try this little nightclub or bar approach next time...

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The next time you're in a bar and you're staring at a woman who is staring at you, what do you do?


So let's say see a woman staring directly at you. What you do is walk directly over to her the second she looks at you.

You don't hesitate.

You don't waste time.

You don't waste energy.

And you especially don't let yourself overthink.

You walk directly over to her and you look directly into her eyes and you say:

"Were you checking me out?" and laugh.

She'll say something. (It doesn't really matter what she says). She'll most likely say:

"Yeah, I was checking you out," or "Naw, I wasn't really checking you out."

And then you need to tease her and bust her a little bit and say, "you know what? I think you suffer from approach anxiety! I really do."

She'll start laughing a little bit, and then you'll say, "Now that I think you suffer from approach anxiety, I have a tip for you. There are some really cool eBooks on the Internet to teach you how to get over this approach anxiety."

So what happens is that you guys have a common thread. Usually, people in a bar suffer from the disease called "approach anxiety."

They also think that drinks help you overcome approach anxiety.

(All alcohol does is loosen you up so you can think about your approach anxiety even more!)

But I digress...

So now you're standing there and talking to her. Now what you can do is take all the people around you and bring them into the conversation.

You can say, "Alright, let's pick out people in this room who have approach anxiety," and then you start looking for people who also have approach anxiety.

You're then picking out other people, so you're having fun together.

You can say, "Oh man, that girl in the corner wearing blue - she definitely has approach anxiety,"

and she'll say, "Oh yeah! That guy over there in the orange has approach anxiety!"

You sit there and you're talking about a subject you already know about.

So if you're the guy who goes into a bar and punches the time clock, you'd better go into that bar, club, or lounge this weekend and you'd better not punch that clock.

Have a conversation about approach anxiety.

Like I always tell you guys, talk about the subjects you already know about.

If you stick the subjects you know about, you'll have plenty of things to talk about.

If you want to find out more about how to TOTALLY overcome all your fears, and how to cultivate true inner confidence so that you can effortlessly meet and attract women EVERY DAY, then you need to check out my "What's Your Excuse" program.

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Also, keep looking out for more newsletters from me, cause I'll be continuing to give you more SECRETS to how you can become the powerful and confident man who attracts the women he wants EVERY DAY and EVERYWHERE he goes.

Until next time...
Your friend,

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Dating Tips For Men. Throw Aside Your Fears And Learn How To Approach And Attract Women By Top Dating Coach David Wygant!

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