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Are You In Control Of Your Moods?

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Double Your Dating Advanced Programs For MenThis article: Biology, psychology and stress, the three components of your moods. Do they control you, or do you control them?

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Have you ever had someone walk up to ask you why are you so moody?

Have you ever been shunned or not paid attention to because other people thought you sullen?

Isn't it funny how you can feel all bright and bubbly inside, and yet other people. Take your mood as something totally the other way. Well, maybe it's not that funny.

But part of your inner game is understanding how the inside of your moods can be shown on the outside it is you're facing your actions. Once you have control of your inner moods, then you have control of your outer expressions and you'll be able to fine-tune these two very distinct parts of your personality into one controllable game, your game, your self.

The first thing you have to do, obviously, is start to investigate yourself. It's handy to have a little notebook, maybe a diary or something, just jot down throughout the day how you're feeling and how you think you're showing how you feeling.

Because it's often easy to think that your showing one inner game when actually you are showing something else, but it's not until you try to put the two together that you see whether you actually are in control of your inner and outer game. Your outer game, of course, is not only the clothes you wear, but the face you wear in the body language that you are showing others.

Being in control of what you're showing others can be a very difficult task, day in and day out, but it's practice that makes perfect. And if you want perfect, you have to practice.

If you're an actor or a salesperson or even the waiter or waitress it's really important that you play your part when you're on the job. People aren't interested in your family crisis. People aren't interested whether you're late running errands. You do what's expected of you to earn the money that you need to make to continue the life that you've chosen. And if this isn't the life you've chosen well you have chosen a good start with learning about the "Deep Inner Game" program.

In the DVD program will discuss moods and personality and the three parts that are integral to the to this being biology, psychology and stress.

No one ever said life was can be easy, isn't that one of the oldest lines in the book. And I but there is a time that you never thought that line was true. But as you get older life hands you new reality. And it's this reality the have to face and it's this reality that you've created the you have to work on.

Do you want to be more popular? Do you want to date better women? Sure you do.

If there was only one thing stopping you from attaining the goals above, and it was within your grasp, would you grab it?

Well, I want you grab this link and continue on learning about the Deep Inner Game Program.
Your friend,
Robert Lee

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