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Deep Inner Game (Review)

Deep Inner Game and Mind OS Program
by David D., and Dr. Paul

Deep Inner Game with Mind OS package

Our review of the "Deep Inner Game": Shown above is the introduction audio disc to the Deep Inner game program and the DVD disks and binder/workbook.

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Deep Inner Game DVD/CD info website

David Deangelo, Dr Paul and the "Deep Inner Game and Mind OS" program for men.

This review covers the audio discs and the included DVD's that contains the introduction to the program in a conversation setting with David Deangelo and Dr. Paul present.

There are 8 tracks on the audio CD, they are divided into distinct areas to introduce you to some of the terms and ideas that will be explored more fully though the 7 DVDs.

Key points in the conversational disc of points raised by David Deangelo and Dr. Paul:

Personal evolution

Personal development

Psychological concepts

How the complicated concepts will be broken down for easier understanding and personal use.

There is a for men plea to grow up a little bit beyond immaturity to a stage of personal growth that allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Without making that decision the program will fail, you will fail.

Quick success in your inner game does not come like a pill or a quick couple of tips but with this program you can have access to tips and information from the masters to not take the easy shortcuts but use the practical methods and experiences made available to affect your learning so you become a man with "Deep Inner Game" in hours and days instead of months and decades of trial and error.

Without the commitment for growth you will remain the same, your future will not change, your success with women and relationships will not change.

About Dr. Paul's Mind OS (the operating system of the human mind):

We are introduced to Dr. Paul and provided a small glimpse of his background and his personal philosophy in regards to men and how they can improve themselves thoroughly learning and understanding a variety of psychologies that affect every day life and interactions between people.

MIND OS: a picture is worth a thousand words and psychoanalysis is a standardized and high level method of training and therapy is a good way to help people, individually through this course and on a wider scale to many men using the same methods. Hard core science concepts that work every time.

MIND OS as revealed in the Deep Inner Game is a visual system for men, constructed to show complex ideas in a simple and elegant way. Theory and practice that is in a visual context. Mind OS requires patience to learn and practical application to master.

You will continue to learn how Deep Inner Game will be introduced to you, the various methods that will be used and the experience that you should find yourself having as you go through the DVD material.

It does sound a little scary, and a lot in-depth, but don't worry, you'll be gently brought through each idea, each method and every step of the way you'll have available support to be able to pass from one phase of your learning to the next.

We are cautioned again that this program is not a quick fix, it is a training and instructional guide that involves patience and commitment to move through each phase.

Remember, go through the material one step at a time and use the included workbook, then go back and start the program over again through the next 90 days, maybe one hour a day, maybe just using the practical applications, so you can use what you've been studying.

More terms that will be presented to you include:

Self psychology;

Self analysis;

Self therapy;

Order and chaos with human interaction;

Problem with confidence around women;

Success can be definable and repeatable with the right tools;

Spontaneous group popularity and the effects of individual power and energy transfer from one person to another;

and, The four parts of psychology.

Dr. Paul (left) and David Deangelo at the recorded seminar for "Deep Inner Game"


The DVD series introduces the targeted aspects of men's inner game where men know they fail and want to improve themselves. Recorded in a seminar setting, this program is easy to become involved with as at least a few of the dimensions of failure is openly discussed, helping the viewer to become involved. This is a much more effective technique than simply listening to a voice recording. Men from age 18 to 60 appear in the question and answer periods to help you realize that these inner game issues are not limited to only young and inexperienced men that strike out with women.

"Deep Inner Game" originated from this statement: Every game is comprised in two parts, taking place in the mind of the player and taking in place in action".

The goal of this program is to help you focus on one ultimate goal: success with women and dating.

Personal techniques of David Deangelo, Dr. Paul, and others, as well as step-by-step instructions will be presented to you in an easy to follow learning structure.

Dealing with your strong emotions and your being undisciplined with women is really the overall goal of learning to have a better inner game with women.

Dr. Paul and David Deangelo explains "Deep Inner Game Program" on video. Please watch this 10:00 minute video for a deeper explanation of the refinement of "Mind OS" combined with the DYD material.

The DVD program is divided by the 7 discs into chapters:

Disc One:

  • The overall goal is to help you succeed with women
  • You must commit to 90 days
  • Realizing and understanding your own "Inner game" problems
  • The operating system of the human mind
  • Character is destiny
  • How symbols, identity, your personal story and identity tie together to create the man you are and how they can be used to allow you to grow and become the man you want to be
  • Discovering your boundaries and the effects these have on your identity

Disc Two:

  • Personal boundaries and stress control
  • The effect of denial
  • Observing mature masculine power
  • The currency and the economy of psychology
  • Interdependence and codependence
  • From psychological trauma to power
  • The spectrum of decisions making
  • Intuition and your environment
  • Our second inner resource
  • Street smarts
  • Intellectual narcissism

Disc Three:

  • Creating target sights and compass guides to meet your goals
  • Other uses of your intellect
  • Power/charisma
  • Positive and negative emotional energy
  • The anatomy of self-esteem
  • Anger maps
  • Depression/aggression/assertiveness

Disc Four:

  • Courage and options for anxiety
  • How to solve any problem
  • Psychological Integration

Disc Five:

  • Integration and self
  • Psychiatric illness vs. health
  • Psychological perfection: a goal for life

Disc 6:

  • Seminars and talks continued and expanded upon

Disc Seven:

  • Mind Os: The operating system of the human mind (in-depth and practical study)

While the topics above may seem overwhelming or "out of tune" to reach your main goal of success with women, there isn't a better path to follow than the "Deep Inner game" program.

And you're not out of luck when you are away from your computer and you still want to watch and study and learn Deep Inner Game. As you can see (in the following pictures) that the DVD program is watchable on a regular DVD/TV setup; also viewable in all PC computer DVD player software; and even on a Mac computer!


Summation: "Character is Destiny" quote from Sigmund Freud, easily sums up the goal of "Deep Inner Game". Once you understand your identity as men, you can also realize the potential for change if you are committed to change for the better. Or you will do nothing and change for the worse.

One of the hardest things to pass on in life is experience.

I can tell you about rain and how you’ll get wet if you walk into the rain, but unless you actually experience it, you’ll have a difficult time understanding what I am talking about.

The great thing about “Deep Inner Game” is that the experiences discussed are real… the understanding is accomplished... and the problems that you face with women are not only understood but explained in such a way that you can relate to, and learn from, the entire seminars that are available in the program DVD set.

What to do next:

I am hoping that you are as excited as I am to continue along in the series of DVD's and beginning the Deep Inner Game program.

When you have ordered and received the Deep Inner Game DVD/CD package you will begin your change to being a Man with Deep Inner Game.

Deep Inner Game with Mind OS package

After you've received the DVD program in the mail remember to make the call to the 1-800 toll free message before you open the binder! It's a 7 1/2 minute message that will reveal the contents of the package to you and inspire you to make the preparations for change of a better you that the "Deep Inner Game" material makes available to you.

Your friend,
Robert Lee.

(c) 2008-2009 Robert Lee and Cheerful Attitude Web Design Ltd. and David DeAngelo Inc. All Rights Reserved. By accepting and reading this article you agree that: You understand this to be an opinion and not professional advice, it is only to be used for personal entertainment purposes, you are solely responsible for any use of the ideas, concepts, and content and will hold all harmless. Article may not be reprinted without express written consent of the authors.


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