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Deep Inner Game: Learning To Trust Yourself

Emotion + Ideas + Decisions = Intention

SCreenshot of Dr. Paul and explaining Emotion + Ideas + Decisions = Intention

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This article: Excerpt from Disc 3 of the "Deep Inner Game Program": Finding the path to realize your dreams, to find the path to improve yourself and coincidentally, improve your success with women.

You can reach the goals that you set for yourself only when you have a planned path to take.

Success and inner strength does not come freely or without effort.

Success with women is does not come without success for yourself in other areas of your life.

Analyzing any goal that you set for yourself is a mindful act that gives you control over your future and the outcome of your goal.

Education Intuition Conscience Experience


The part of life that brings to you new capabilities. When you learn to drive a car, this is an education that stays with you for life. Education is the beginning step of reaching any goal.


This is the part of life that allows you to position yourself by calculating in your head the odds of success and the ability to "see into the future" and intuit or preconceive the results of your actions.


This is the inner compass that keeps you on the proper path, there are no shortcuts in life, there are no road signs that will stop you from straying from your chosen goal. Conscience will become your available "little voice" that allows you to understand how you are able to effectively deal with changes in your life.


This is mastering the future challenges by gaining knowledge from what you have done and applying that to what you will need to do, to be, in the future. Guys that have experience in many different areas are better suited to react properly to changes in their lives.

Understanding that you do not need to put yourself into a position of “suffering”, that you alone are responsible for the choices you make and the actions that you take, knowing this will put you light years ahead of every other guy moping around out there,, crying in his beer about the harshness of women and his inability to meet women.

When your intention is to make yourself attractive to women and you know all the steps needed to make that change become a reality for yourself, you will become a man with high character, with a “shoot for the stars” type attitude that is irresistible to women.

You are sure to lose when you make the conscious or unconscious decision that it’s alright for you to suffer, to continue on the path that you are currently on and allow yourself to throw your hands up in the air yelling “I give up! I don’t know what I’m doing! I don’t understand why these things keep happening to me!” when the life jacket is right here to stop you from drowning, when the path to a better, successful you is available right now.

Take the weight off your shoulders, move forward with your life.

By watching the Deep Inner Game seminars and following along with the lesson plans in the provided workbook and maintaining the 90 day structure of the program you will become the man with high status that women find  attractive.

The Deep Inner Game  program.

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Deep Inner Game Seminar

This will definitely help you take your success with women to a whole new level, whether you're just starting out or you already have some success with women.

Deep Inner Game comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't meet more women, just send it back for a full refund. No questions, no hassles.

And I mean it.
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I'll talk to you again soon.
Your Friend,
David D.

P.S. When you have ordered and received the Deep Inner Game DVD/CD package you will begin your change to being a Man with Deep Inner Game, irresistible to women.

Remember to make the call to the 1-800 toll free message before you open the binder! It's a 7 1/2 minute message that will reveal the contents of the package to you and inspire you to make the preparations for change of a better you that the "Deep Inner Game" material makes available to you.


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