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Sex In Strange Places: You Did it WHERE??

Be Adventurous!

I recently had a conversation with some work colleagues about the strangest places we had had sex. Now, this was a wild conversation, and I came to realise that there is some sort of exhibitionist in all of us! If we have had sex in all these weird and wonderful places, then surely others must be too? And why have we never seen anyone else doing it in all these places?

After finding out some of the places our staff members have done it, I had to start making a list, and wondered just what our staff get up too in their spare time! We had a range from the Cinema to a Dentist's Chair, to the Cemetery, to your Parents bed (eeeewww!) to a kids tree house! But lets face it, there is always that spontaneous moment where you just have to make do with the space that you are given at that moment in time. But is it the excitement of having sex in the open, or the fact that we may actually be caught? I think it's a bit of both. Besides, we all like to admit to having sex in public places! C'mon, admit it, we know you have!

Now, I am curious about some of the places that people have sex. How on earth do you have sex in an elevator? Well, I know the how to's, but why would you? Elevators are always being used, and someone is bound to call the car at the exact moment that you are in the throes of passion! And what if someone gets in the elevator, do you finish what you were doing, or tell them to get the next one? I don't think this one would be appropriate in your office building. However, the copy room may be free...

Cemeteries. Now this, I tell you, is just downright weird and kinky. The fact that you would be on someone's grave having sex is just wrong! Have some respect for the dead I say! From what I have heard, this is done during the night, to make it that much more intense. For those of you that have tried this one, please let us know, I'm dying to know more about this!

Now the Dentist's Chair is one that intrigues me. Do you do this with the Dentist? Or is he there? Where has the Dentist gone? Really, when you go to the Dentist's, the last thing you expect is to have sex! You're just want to get in and get out as fast as you can, with minimal damage to the credit card. That place is just too scary to even think about sex! And I can't imagine that it would be too comfortable either, with all those weird and wonderful instruments that look like they could do some strange things!

So, is it just me wondering where folks are having sex these days, and wondering how they are NOT getting caught? I thought not! Some of our staff members are over and done with all that sort of sneaking around and having sex in weird and wonderful places, and thought that the bedroom was a good a place as any. Well, I have to agree. What's wrong with the bed. It's comfortable, warm, not too hard and not too soft, and when you are ready for bed, the sheets are already warm! There are certainly other places in the house to have some sexy fun! What about the sofa! You can do more than sit on the sofa you know!

Now that our staff have revealed their sexy spots, and sometimes, embarrassing spots, why not share your ideas and thoughts with us. Surely there are some of you that have some more exciting locations than what we mentioned? And have you ever been caught? None of our staff have, but I think it's just luck! Let us know what your sexy locations are, and we will share them with others!

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