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A Frank Talk About Sex

Don Diebel, publisher

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This article: I want to talk about sex. I'm sure this is one subject you are very interested in.

I want to pass along to you the annual sex survey of sex habits conducted by the condom-making company Durex. Here are few very interesting facts from their surveys:

The average American has sex at the age of 16. Those in Western states start the earliest, at 15.7; Northeasterners start at 16.1; and Midwesterners are oldest, at 16.3.

People in Western states have had 18.9 partners, Southerners 14.9, Northeasterners 11.6 and the Midwesterners 11.3.

Americans have sex 124 times a year, more than Greeks (117), South Africans (116) or New Zealanders (115). People in Japan (36), Hong Kong (63) and China (72) have sex least often.

Americans are youngest when they start having sex (16), 16.6 for Germans, 16.7 for French and 16.9 for British. At 22, people in China are oldest when they begin having sex. The average age worldwide is 18.

Americans who are sexually active have 14.3 partners (men 18.4, women 10.2). The French come in second with 13.2 partners; Australians have 11. The Chinese have the least, at 2.1. Indians (3) and Polish (3.6) are the next lowest. The world average is 7.7 partners.

Eleven percent of people in America have had sex with just one partner; in India, it's 77 percent.

Four percent of Americans claim to have had sex with more than 100 partners (they are probably are just fantasizing).

25 percent of Americans would have sex with a boss, and 16 percent would have sex with their partner's best friend (24 percent of men and 8 percent of women).

Five percent of Americans say they'd like to have sex in the office. People in Hong Kong would rather have sex in the office than anywhere else.

How to Recognize Negative Body Language of Single Women

As you probably know, when someone is sitting or standing with their arms crossed across their chest, it usually means a person does not want to be approached and probably doesn't care to listen to what you have to say. This is how most psychologist interprets the crossed arms.

Don't let this mislead you though. When you see a single woman with her arms crossed she just may be frustrated and lonely and just not having a good time. However, if she has a stiff and tense look on her face and she is sitting in a stiff manner with her legs tightly crossed and purposely averts her eyes when you try to catch them with your own eyes, you're probably better off not even trying to meet this girl.

A limp or hanging hand usually means she is bored, restless, or just tired.
It can also indicate frustration or disgust.

For various reasons, some single women do not want to be noticed. They may feel unattractive or even ugly or may not be dressed properly, lack self-confidence, and may feel inferior. They will just stand around shyly or bashfully on the sidelines staring at the ground or watching everyone else have fun. These single women may have such a bad complex that they purposely do whatever they can to make themselves less noticeable, such as dressing plainly, wearing little or no makeup, and wearing a non-becoming hairstyle.
In essence these women are saying, "Just leave me alone, find someone else to talk to."

The really sad part about single women like this is that some of them are really attractive. They just have a complex they can't get rid of. If you want to invest a little time you could help them get over this complex. It might be worth the effort.

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