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How to Attract Single Women with Your Hair

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This article: Women will judge you on your looks and your hair has a lot to do with your looks.

Now, I'm sure that you're aware of how single women make such a fuss over their hair. They are always looking at their hair in the mirror, trying to get every hair in place, experimenting with different colors and styles, different lengths and textures, etc.

In other words, they are obsessed with their hair and appearance.

So, what does this have to do with attracting and succeeding with single women? A lot my friend and I will explain why:

Let's face it guys, women will judge you on your looks and your hair has a lot to do with your looks. And being that single women are so obsessed with their hair, they notice how a guy's hair looks and if it's a great style and cut, it will make you more attractive in her eyes.

So, how do you determine what style and cut looks best on you?
I'm glad you asked. Here's a couple of websites that can help you out:

1. Go to: - Here you will find samples of the latest styles for men. Choose the ones you think you would look best with and print them out. Then take them to the best hair stylist in town you can find and tell them to cut and style your hair like the photo. Also, he or she can help you pick which cut and style would look best on you.

2. Go to: - This is really the best way to see how you look with different hairstyles and it's absolutely free.

You will need to create an account with a password. Also, it would be best if you had a headshot photo of yourself in a file format (jpeg or gif). This way you can use your face and experiment with different cuts and styles using their website. When you decide which ones you would like to try, just print them out and take them to a good top-of-the-line hair stylist.

Then ask his or her opinion of which one would look best on you and have them make you look like the photo.

In closing, you'd be surprised how drastically you can change your looks to make you more handsome just by wearing the right haircut and style for you.

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