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How To Attract Women With Your Looks

Don Diebel, publisher

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This article: Your personality and warmth of character are of paramount importance to the women you meet and date.

Do you need to be tall, dark, and good-looking to pick up women in nightclubs? The answer may surprise you but it's a definite "NO!" With a man, a woman's looks are of critical importance. Not so with a woman because they are much more interested in what you're like on the inside than on the outside. Your personality and warmth of character are of paramount importance to them.

Some women even prefer a man who is not very handsome, as they usually have a better personality and warmth of character are of paramount importance to them.

Some women even prefer a man who is not very handsome, as they usually have a better personality and are more interesting. Just like a lot of beautiful women, a real good-looking man will just sit back passively, depending on his looks and are so hung up on themselves they haven't even developed a personality. They're just plain boring and unexciting.

If you do happen to be good-looking it will be to your advantage though. Good looks do attract a woman's attention. Just remember they're more interested in your personality and not hung up on beautiful faces the way you are, as a general rule.

Your hair is very important to your looks. Most women like a guy with long hair over the ears, but not hanging down your shoulders like a hippie. Wearing an Afro or getting a permanent in your hair to make it wavy is ideal for the nightclub. It can attract women like crazy, especially if it's thick and full. so be daring and get a permanent and see if you don't get more looks from women. I've been having permanents for three years now and I always get compliments from women in the nightclubs on my hair.

A word about jewelry. The multiple gold chains and medallion around the neck are definitely out now, so don't look like a fool by wearing them thinking it makes you look like a "Macho Man." Just one gold chain with or without a medallion around your neck is sufficient and attractive. Just make sure that it looks expensive and not cheap and tarnished.

If you really want to turn a woman off, go to the nightclub unshaven. Some men just don't take enough pride in their appearance and think they can pick up women looking like a bum. Well, it just doesn't work that way because a woman likes a man to be well-groomed and shaven. The nightclub is certainly no place for a shoddy-looking man.

If you happen to be obese, resolve here and now that you're going to get rid of all those ugly pounds. With the proper diet and exercise, you can trim yourself down to where you won't be embarrassingly fat. It's a known fact that if you're a fat slob, your chances of picking up women at the nightclubs are pretty slim. Obesity turns most women off. Unless you have a glandular disorder, this also indicates that you don't take much pride in your appearance.

This doesn't have anything to do with looks but it's worth mentioning. Be sure to take a shower or bath before going to the nightclub. I've heard some women complain of men who approach them at nightclubs that smell like they haven't bathed in a week and what woman wants to be around a man that smells like a camel.

Last, and this is very important, DON'T LOOK DRUNK! Nothing is more repulsive to a woman than a stumbling drunk asking her to dance or trying to put the make on her. In other words, hold your liquor so you at least don't look drunk.

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