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Banish Loneliness, Depression and Obsessing Over a Dull Love Life

Don Diebel, publisher

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This article: Five great tips to add excitement to your dull life and start meeting women too!

Many great singles want to date and be in relationships that are fulfilling. If you are single and alone and want to banish the blues, I have some good new for you! If you are moping around feeling lonely, fighting off mild depression (or the blues) or find yourself wondering why you are not dating, here are 5 tips you can use starting today:

Tip #1 Forgive and forget your past.

Whatever happened in the past is just where it needs to be - in the past. If it was a relationship that ended badly, look at it, analyze it and let it go. You will feel lonely and depressed for a long time if you are either obsessing over a broken relationship or beating yourself up over what could have been. Evaluate your broken past and let it go. Your future is waiting for you. Embrace it!

Tip #2 Work on yourself.

Being the best you is an awesome gift you can give yourself as well as others. Being positive about yourself is critical. Learn to love and accept yourself and know there is no such thing as a perfect person. If there are flaws in your character or personality, get busy working on those flaws. If you are engrossed in making positive changes in your life, you won't have much time left to be singing the blues.

Tip#3 Establish and set your relationship goals.

What do you want your future to be? What kind of relationship do you want? What are your life goals? It is critical that your relationship goals include a person that will fit into your life goals. Incompatibility starts when you just allow yourself to get involved with someone who has nothing in common with you other than physical attraction. Attraction alone with not sustain a solid long-term relationship.

Tip #4 Establish strong qualities in yourself.

Traits like peace, joy, humor, kindness and calmness will pay off for you in every relationship you have. You will enhance your life and the lives of everyone you come in contact with. A cheerful smile, remaining calm during the storms of life and having joy are qualities of exceptional people. If you add those to the ability to laugh at yourself, you are equipped with most of what it takes to be a happy, well-adjusted adult. Light depression, loneliness and feeling sorry for yourself have no chance against a person with strong and positive character traits. Get to work on it NOW.

Tip #5 Go out on the town.

Dig into your overstuffed closet and pull out clothing that makes you feel great. If it is a sharp suit, put it on. If it happens to be a cute flippy skirt, put it on and go out and indulge yourself in a wonderful evening. I mean dress to the nines, get out of your home or apartment and mingle. Don't forget to put on that winning smile. Enjoy!

If you are depressed and can't seem to shake it off, get professional help. For most people, the best way to banish loneliness and feeling bad about your social life is to begin turning it around by taking these positive steps towards the kind of life you want. Want more?

Our Relationship Start Up Guide Addresses these issues and many more. I'd like to offer you free access to this great relationship tool. It is our Relationship Start-Up Guide: 50 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Relationship. You can pick up your copy here.

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