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How To Dress For Dating Success

Don Diebel, publisher

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How to Attract Single Women Using Your Shoes

Guys, I just can't stress to you enough how important it is to a single woman how your shoes look. Why? Because women are obsessed with shoes. Just look in their closets and I'm sure you will find tons of shoes for every occasion.

Shoes are very important to single women. They spend a lot of time shopping for them, talking about them (especially to other women), and spend a lot of time trying to figure out which shoes to wear with each outfit.

Being that women focus a lot on shoes, they will judge you by the shoes you wear and how they look in appearance.

If you wear scuffed, unpolished, or out of date shoes, you're going to make a bad impression and that's the last thing you want to do. Part of the art of attracting women for love, romance, and a potential relationship is making a good impression on them.

Even worse, if you want to really turn single women off, wear dirty sneakers. I even had a friend that used to wear old unsightly golf shoes on dates. Don't do it!

I highly recommend these following guidelines for attracting single women with shoes:

1. Make sure your shoes match your belt.
2. If your shoelaces are frayed or discolored, replace them.
3. Replace worn out shoes.
4. Replace worn heels.
5. Visit your local shoe boutiques and buy several pair of stylish and sexy shoes. Spend the most you can afford for quality name brand shoes. Don't worry about the cost - consider it an investment in scoring with single women.
6. Don't buy cheap shoes from Target, K-Mart, Wal-mart, etc. (If your shoes look cheap, this can make an unfavorable impression on women and they may think that since you dress cheap you must be a cheap and miserly person).
7. Please keep your shoes polished and shiny.

Use Jewelry To Attract Single Women

What are single women obsessed with and crazy about? It's jewelry. Look in any woman's jewelry box, drawers, etc. and you will find tons of jewelry. You will find rings, watches, pendants, broaches, etc.

So, what does this have to do with you meeting, dating, and attracting single women? It has a lot to do with making a good impression on women and I will tell you why:

First of all, take a look at the watch that you wear when you're going out to meet single women or the watch that you wear when going out on a date.

Are you wearing a cheap, ugly watch that you bought at K-Mart for $19.99? Are you wearing those cheap watches with the vinyl wristbands? Are you wearing your sports diving watch?

Don't do it! And I'll explain why and what watches you should be wearing to attract single women.

You might not be aware of this, but being that single women are so interested in jewelry, they tend to judge men by the watch they wear. You may not think this is fair, but trust me; you will be judged on first appearances. If you are wearing a cheap, ugly watch, this can send a message to her that you may be cheap and have no class. This is not good for scoring points!

Am I saying that you have to go out and buy a Rolex? No.

What I suggest is spending around a hundred bucks to buy you an attractive watch. Two brands that I highly recommend are Fossil and Guess watches. They look expensive and classy.

Try on a silver, gold, or silver and gold watch to see which one looks best on you. If you are by yourself, ask the sales clerk for their opinion on which one looks best on you. Also, stay away from leather bands. They can scratch easily and some of them look cheap.

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