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Failure With Women Is Good For You

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

Did You Know That Failure with Single Women is Good For You?

You may think that I have lost my mind, but did you know that failure with single women is good for you? You may be thinking, Don have you lost your mind telling me that making mistakes with single women is good for you?

Let me explain why striking out with women can be good for you. I will use the inventor Thomas Edison as an example for my explanation.

As you know, he invented the modern light bulb. Do you think he invented the light bulb on his very first try? Certainly not. He endured failure after failure; mistakes after mistakes until he got it right. Mistakes after mistakes were necessary to finally get it right.

Each experiment and failure brought him closer and closer to his goal of completing his invention successfully.

And so it goes in the dating game. If you are not making lots of mistakes, you are not learning anything. You learn valuable lessons from your mistakes. You learn the correct way to succeed with single women. You learn what works and what doesn't work.

So, when you start feeling a little bummed out about your failures with women, think about Thomas Edison for some inspiration. You've got to fail a little bit before you succeed.

Here's some great tips to help you succeed with single women:


Remember women want leadership.

TIP #1 - When planning a date, instead of asking the girl what she would like to do, have every detail of the date planned out - the reservations, the movie, and even the parking place. Just tell her when to be ready. Let the rest of the evening be a pleasant surprise.

TIP #2 - When you are with a girl, hold the door, take her arm, and show her the way.

TIP #3 - At a restaurant, make sure that you are seated at the head of the table or where the waiter will see you first and stand next to you when he comes to take the order. Conduct all of the dealings with the waiter. Ask your date what she would like so that when ordering, you can say, "She will have the...and I will have the...," instead of her giving her own order.

TIP #4 - If at all possible, drive your own car. Avoid letting her drive you. When you are driving, she is dependent on you. When she drives, you are hitching a ride and are no longer in control

TIP #5 - If a girl call, answer the phone with, "Hi, what can I do for you?" By saying this, you show that you are used to being the leader and being of service to others.


Being decisive is one of the surest ways to demonstrate your leadership and confidence. Single women want the man to take the lead and make the decisions and they are judging men on how well they do it.

TIP #1 - Don't stand there hemming and hawing. Be ready with options, and be ready to pick one. Always remember that it is your responsibility to make the decision, so take that responsibility.

TIP #2 - If plans change such as a sold out movie, don't stand there saying, "Gee, now what?" Make a decision quickly on what to do. If you need more time to decide, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, make at all, or anything so you aren't just standing there looking indecisive.

TIP #3 - At a restaurant, choose your order quickly. At a bar, know what you want to drink. After the movie, know where you want to go.

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