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First Date Impressions

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First Date Impressions - Impress Her with a Limo by Sam G. Smith  

This article: First date impressions are important and if you feel you're going to be with this person for a while and really want to make a good impression.

You've got up the nerve to ask her out on a date. But now what do you do? Take her to the same old hang out where everybody else goes? Or do you do something spectacular and impress her because she could be the one?

First date impressions are important and if you feel you're going to be with this person for a while and really want to make a good impression, impress her with a limo ride. Take her to your favorite tavern or hang out place, concert, the theater or restaurant in a luxurious limousine ride and this she will remember always.

Not only will she remember and be impressed by a limousine on her first date with you, she will tell all her friends about what a great guy you are because you took out on her first date in a luxurious limousine. It's not about where you go it's about how you get there.

Depending on which limousine company you choose to go with, there are different packages to select from, some which offer snacks such as wine and cheese where others will have just a basic package of the transportation itself.

You should call around to different limousine companies to find the best price for your important first date. Even if you're taking your first date to dinner and a movie, pulling up in a limousine will impress her because you took the time to set it all up and you spent the money on her.

If she lives in a dorm or an apartment building, you'll be the envy of all her friends, who will no doubt be looking out the window or doors because they want to see either you or what you're driving and when they see a limousine, they too will be impressed by what a savvy guy you are. If she lives at home you will no doubt score points with her family, especially her mom and/or sister's because they too would want to be picked up and limousine for a first date. And you would also score points with the father of the girl because he knows you are responsible enough not to drive yourself if you're going to a party and made arrangements for someone else to be your designated driver. This shows great responsibility and a romantic side if you chose a limousine as a designated driver.

If you feel this is a romantic date, and picking her up in the limousine is somewhat romantic, you can call ahead and have flowers delivered to the limousine company or deliver your own flowers and have them waiting in the limousine for your date. That way when you pull up in the limousine to take her out, there will be flowers waiting for her as well as the surprise of the limousine.

It is always a good idea to tip the driver at the end of the night when he drives you back to your car or back to the limo pickup place. Especially if you feel the limo driver has giving you good service. Get information on obtaining the perfect airport limousine service for your next outing, event, or date. Great airport limousine services are what you need to help you get back to make the night perfect!

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