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First Date Rules

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

Let's focus on what not to do and say when out on a first date with single women.

If you are making these mistakes, it can hurt your chances for getting a second date. And if there is no second date so much for love, sex, romance, or a potential relationship.

Listed here are what not to do when out on a first date with single women:

1. Do not talk about any of your personal problems. This is not appropriate with someone you hardly know.

2. Don't act desperate. This date is just for fun and getting to know each other. Keep it light-hearted and don't act as if you are auditioning for a lifetime commitment. Don't cling to her and talk about your future relationship with her.

3. For a first date, don't go to a nightclub or loud bar. They are too noisy for conversation and it's hard to get to know each other if you can't hear each other.

4. Don't talk about anything negative at all. Keep everything you talk about upbeat and positive.

5. Don't get drunk! This really turns women off and makes a bad impression. Don't drink at all or limit your drinking to a couple of drinks.

6. Here's a real no no. You see a couple of your buddies and you leave her to go talk to them. You ignore her and just leave her hanging while you shoot the bull with your buddies. This is very inconsiderate and downright rude. The proper thing to do is just introduce your buddies and keep your conversation with them brief. After all you are out on a date with her, not your buddies.

7. Don't try to analyze her problems.

8. If you ask for a second date, don't say, "Would you like to get together next week and do something." Instead, be specific about the date. When, where, and what time.

9. Don't discuss any of your family or monetary problems. Whatever you do, don't tell her how broke you are and how you are heavily in debt.

10. On a first date, dress conservatively. This is no time to wear any provocative or sleazy clothes.

11. Don't bitch about your previous girlfriends or ex-wives on how they mistreated you, dumped you, cheated on you, took you to the cleaners on child support, etc.

12. Don't pretend to be funny or humorous. If you are putting on an act, it will come across to her as phony.

13. Never, never ask for a second date like this: "I'm not doing anything on Saturday night, are you?"

14. Don't focus on your health problems or ailments.

15. If you are taking medication, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and take your pills. Don't take them in front of her.

16. Don't brag about yourself and your accomplishments. Focus on her and her interests.

17. Don't pick your nose or scratch or readjust your crotch.

18. Don't stare at her breasts. If she has nice breasts and wearing a tight-fitting top or revealing some nice cleavage, I know it's going to hard for you not to glance down at her breasts. But, staring is going to make her feel uncomfortable and she will get the impression that all you are interested in is taking her to bed.

I know this is a rather long list of things to remember, but I can assure you, if you avoid making these mistakes it greatly increases your chances of making a favorable impression on your first date with single women and she will be interested in going on more dates with you which can lead to lots of fun, sex, and romance.

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