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Top Five Conversation Topics

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

Top Five Conversation Topics for a First Date with Single Women

Are you at lost for words or get tongue-tied with single women when on a first date?

Here are, in my opinion the "Top 5 Conversation Topics" to discuss on a first date to get your date interested in you:

1. What Kind of Man Are You Attracted To? - This is some very valuable information to learn from her. Once you know what kind of man turns her on, you can try to adopt your personality traits and character traits to fit her needs in a man. If you can't live up to her expectations in a man, then perhaps she's not the girl for you.

2. Women Love to Talk About Their Friends - Just simply ask her about her circle of friends. Talk about how they met, what they like to do when they hang out together, the good times they have had together, places they have been, etc.

3. Ask Her What She Likes to Do In Her Free Time - This is very important information to know to determine if you have any common interests. Truly compatible couples share common interests. If you don't like the same things, this can cause problems in a relationship.
It would also be helpful to ask her about her hobbies. Who knows, you may both enjoy the same hobbies and this can create a strong bond between you?

4. Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters? - Most single women have a brother or sister and this is a safe topic for discussion. Your date will usually be willing and open to talk about their brother or sister. Hopefully, it will be positive feedback about them.

5. Have You Been Anywhere Lately or Been on a Vacation? - People in general like to talk about the places they have been and their travel experiences. Try to get her to talk about the sites and places she would like to visit. This way you can offer to take her there and make her dreams come true. Plus, she may mention some places you've been and you both can share your experiences.

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