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How To Ask Her Personal Questions

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

Advice on asking single women personal questions.

Most single women expect to answer easy, straightforward questions when they first meet guys.

Such questions are part of the ritual of becoming acquainted. What's more, she's likely to be complimented by your show of genuine interest.

From initial, impersonal topics, you can go on to discuss personal backgrounds and interests.

By exchanging details about yourselves, you can get to know each other quickly - and determine if you'd like to pursue the contact, perhaps.

I would advise you to not ask too many questions.

You are not interviewing her and if you continuously ask one question after another, she will tire of your questions and lose interest in you.

Just keep your conversation with her flowing and after you ask her a question, focus your conversation towards her answers. Don't follow it up with just another question.

When might a question be too personal?

Practice will help you develop sensitivity to what sort of questions single women are glad to answer in various stages of a relationship.

If you have any doubts about whether a question is appropriate, preface it with a statement like: "May I ask if....?" or "If you don't mind telling me...." or "I hope I'm not being too personal...."

If she doesn't feel pressured to reply, they'll usually respond cordially to the extent they're comfortable.

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