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How To Impress Single Women With Flowers On Your First Date

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

What if the date doesn't work out? What if you have nothing in common, no chemistry, and one or both of you are turned off by each other?

Do single women love flowers? You bet they do!

And one of the best ways to impress a woman romantically on a first date is to bring her flowers.

Let me give you some advice about buying flowers for your date. Whatever you do, don't go out and blow a bunch of money on a dozen roses or expensive flower arrangement. Let me tell you why:

You can make just as good impression by buying her a single rose with a card (nothing too mushy). Even though it's a single flower, it's the thought that counts. She will deeply appreciate it and it gets the date off to a good start.

There's another disadvantage to spending lots of money on flowers on women for your first date. What if the date doesn't work out? What if you have nothing in common, no chemistry, and one or both of you are turned off by each other?

I'm sure you get the point now. You've just thrown $30-50 down the toilet. You work hard for your money. Don't throw it away foolishly on a date that may not even work out.

After you have had a few dates and developed a relationship, then buy her a dozen red roses.

In closing, guys, I just can't tell you enough how single women are very impressed when they are given flowers by a man. In their heart it's a very sweet and romantic gesture. Also, don't think for a minute that giving flowers is guaranteed to get you laid.

There you have it! Now go out and get her something. These gifts don't necessarily have to be with your sweetheart. They can be for someone who you wish was your sweetheart.

How To Eat Italian Food On A Date

I want to focus on table manners while eating Italian food. Believe me, if you're out on a dinner date and you have bad table manners, you're going to make a bad impression on your date.

I know this is not fair, but sometimes when you're out on a first date, especially, and you turn your date off with your bad table manners, she may not even want to date you again. You have been pre-judged as a person that was not raised right, eats like a pig, and a person that shows lack of respect for your date.

I eat a lot of Italian food and I always look around at the guys that are with dates. And sure enough, you will see guys stuffing a fork full of pasta into their mouths and biting off the strands with their teeth and letting the remainder of the pasta fall into their plate.

This makes you look like a pig and turns off your date! Let me tell you the proper way to eat pasta so you don't embarrass yourself and your date. It's called the "Twirling Method" and here's how to do it:

1. Just grab a few strands of your pasta with your fork and twirl the strands using the end of your fork against your plate. This way you will end up with a bite size portion to put into your mouth.

2. This is a variation of the above method using a spoon: Instead of twisting the pasta around your fork against your plate, you put pasta in your spoon you are holding in your left hand, and twirl your fork around the pasta in the spoon and take a bite size portion.

So, the next time you are eating pasta with a date, please remember to use the "Twirling Method" to eat pasta. Also, never wear a white shirt when eating pasta, because it never fails that you will get the sauces on your shirt.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Answering Personal Ads of Single Women

You have answered a personal ad of the single woman of your dreams. From the description of her ad she seems like a perfect match for you for romance and a possible serious relationship.

You write her a letter and anxiously wait to hear back from her.

And you wait...and wait...and wait and you never hear from her.

So, you wonder what went wrong? Is she rejecting me? Did I say something in my letter that turned her off? Why won't she write back?

Most likely you made some common mistakes that turn single women off or caused them to lose interest in you.

Listed here are some things that may have gone wrong so you can take corrective measures on the next personal ad you answer:

1. Your letter was too sexually suggestive. When writing to a woman for the first time, never write anything of a sexual nature.
It's a big turn off.

2. All you did was brag about yourself, your accomplishments, and your possessions in your letter.

3. You forgot to give her your phone number in case she may want to call you instead of writing you back. Some single women prefer to do it this way. If you just write back with your address, she may get letters from guys who include their phone number and she will pass you up in favor of calling them. There's another factor to consider. If you won't give out your phone number, she may think that you are married or living with another woman.

4. The letter you sent her looked like it was zeroxed. This is a real big no no.

5. You forgot to send her a stamped reply envelope with your letter. A stamped reply envelope helps to ensure an answer back and it shows the woman that you are very thoughtful. This makes a very good impression on single women.

6. You forgot to mention what is was in her ad that attracted you to write her. Single women love compliments and they want to know why to chose to write her.

7. Your handwriting was very difficult to read. If you have bad handwriting, have your letter typed. If she can't read your writing, your letter is going straight to the trashcan.

8. Your return address is a post office box and you don't give a phone number in your letter. Without a street address and a phone number, she may become suspicious that you are trying to hide something.

9. You screwed up in your letter by calling her "Babe" or "Darling"
or "Baby" or "Honey," etc. These words are just too strong to use on a woman you don't even know.

10. Your letter was full of typos. Be sure and proof read your letter or have someone else do it. If you have a lot of spelling errors this is going to make you look like a real "dumb ass."

11. You mentioned that you like to give or receive massages.
This statement has a sexual overtone to it and some women will think that all you have on your mind is sex. Don't mention anything about massages in your first letter to a woman.

12. Your letter was written on notebook paper or even worse, the paper is torn. Always use professional looking stationary with matching envelopes when writing to a woman.

13. Your letter lacked warmth and was very impersonal.

Well, I hope these tips help you figure out how you screwed up on writing your first letter when answering personal ads of single women. If you will follow these guidelines, it will greatly improve your chances of that "dream girl" writing back to you.

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