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How To Talk To Women

Don Diebel, publisher

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This article: The secret to getting a woman to fall in love with you, is to talk to a woman about herself. Try it and see how she will rattle on and on talking about herself.

Now I will teach you the art of conversation after you have made contact. Let me tell you what not to do first. Don't make the mistake of coming on with a lot of B.S. about yourself. Don't try to make a big impression by bragging about yourself or your material possessions. The trick to the whole art of conversation is becoming interested in her, rather than trying to get her interested in you. People aren't interested in you. They are interested in themselves-morning, noon, and night. This is an important fact to remember. After all, why should she be interested in you unless you are interested in her first.

It is very important that when you're talking to a woman that you face her and look her squarely in the eyes. When talking or listening to her, don't look off to the side or at the ground. Maintain constant eye contact. This gives her a feeling that you care about what she has to say.

During your conversation encourage her to talk about herself and her accomplishments. Find out the things she's really into such as sports, hobbies, cooking, art, music, etc. and really zero in on those subjects. This will make her feel closer to you while she's pouring her heart out about her favorite subjects. Just concentrate on talking only about her and forget about yourself. While she's talking, listen intently, while looking into her eyes. Also, while she's talking, acknowledge her with statements like "Oh year," "Is that so," "Wow," "You're kidding." Also, while talking to her, wear a pleasant smile on your face.

To sum it up, the secret to getting a woman to fall in love with you, is to talk to a woman about herself. Try it and see how she will rattle on and on talking about herself.

Now I cover some more important areas of conversation.

Try and spice up your conversation a little bit with things of a sexual nature. After all, women are just as sexually obsessed as we men are. Don't be afraid to tell her that she has beautiful breasts or a nice ass (just be prepared for possible rejection because some women will be offended by these comments). Women don't go braless and wear revealing clothes just for the hell of it. They are doing it to turn some man on. They want you to take them to bed. Also, don't be afraid to tell her that you would love to make love to her. This really turns them on. Of course, you're going to run into the type of woman that finds sexy talk repulsive. Don't worry about it. You're not after the real goody-goody type anyway. You want a woman with no mental hang-ups and a healthy sexual attitude.

Remember to be nice in your conversation. Don't say anything mean or try to cut her down. Nice guys will finish first when it comes to picking up girls. Be warm, charming, and pleasant.

Also, all during your conversation, call her by her name as much as possible. Her name is music to her ears and to her it's the sweetest and most important sound in any language. This will make her like you. Now, don't forget to say her name often!

Let me tell you about the aggressive conversational approach that doesn't work. Initially, after just meeting her, you ask her to go to bed with you or to go to your apartment. I just can't understand why many men will rush, push, and expect sexual favors too soon based on some inflated image of their own masculinity or of what "real"
conversation is all about. All they can think about is GET LAID NOW!

One of the most common complaints I hear from women at the nightclubs is that men want to go to bed right away. Sex is a private and delicate event for many women. It is more precious, emotional, and personal to women than men.

Expecting sex immediately after just meeting puts unnecessary pressure on yourself. It pays in the long run not to rush or expect sex too quickly or easily.

Of course, there are women who will go to bed with you at the drop of a hat, but you won't run into many of these types.

So take your time and offer sex with gentleness and quietness. Don't force or demand sex. Let it happen naturally, with the two of you exchanging two willing bodies.

If possible, use your hands, and particularly the tips of your fingers, when talking to a woman. The light touch of your fingertips transmits electrifying signals to the other person, which will support your thought messages with physical touch.

When touching her while you're talking, be sure it's in a subtle way. Don't do it in a way that would indicate a sexual advance because it may work against you. Just do it casually, like a touch over her hand or on her knee. She will notice these little gestures and slight touches and this will make her feel closer to you. Finally, your voice is very important when talking to a woman. Don't talk in a boring monotone voice. Put emotional emphasis on each and every word you say. Be sure and speak up and don't mutter your words quietly.


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