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How To Use Your Sense Of Humor To Attract Women

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This Article: How to use your sense of humor to attract women.

When on a date women love to laugh and enjoy a man with a good sense of humor. By all means if you know some good jokes, share them with your date. It will make a good impression on them and they will think of you as a guy that's a lot of fun to be around.

I must warn you though, if you don't know the woman very well I would stay away from dirty jokes. She might be offended and could even cause her not to want another date with you. So, in my opinion you are better off telling clean jokes and not too racy.

What if you don't know any good jokes? That's no problem. Go to your local book store or fun shop and they will have some good joke books. Then, you can practice these jokes on your friends before you try them out on your dates.

P.S. Don't tell bad jokes. You need to make her laugh and if you tell crummy jokes you may bore her. Also, Playboy Magazine and Maxim Magazine have a section featuring some good jokes. And if you go to comedy clubs try and remember some good jokes that the comedians tell. If the audience is dying laughing, then it's a good bet that when you tell the same joke to your date, she will think you're funny and admire your sense of humor.

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How to Tell When Your Date is Not Interested in You

This week I want to focus on how to tell when you're date is not working out. When your date is not interested in you she will leave clues.

What are the clues? Look for these tell-tell signs that your date is not going well:

1. She does not smile at you and doesn't find anything you say to be funny.

2. She does not make any eye contact with you. She's always looking away or down when she talks to you. Also, she may be constantly looking at other guys.

3. Her entire conversation focuses on herself and she asks nothing about you. She shows no interest in getting to know you.

4. She is very silent and says very little to you. Her responses to your questions are mostly, "yes," "no," and "I don't know."

5. You feel no chemistry towards her and you can sense that she feels the same way.

When a date doesn't work out don't lose any sleep over it. It's all part of the dating game. Sometimes dates work out and sometimes they don't. The main purpose of the date besides having fun, is to get to know each other to see if you would be interested in dating each other.


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