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Using Role Models To Increase Your Success With Single Women

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

I want to focus on a method of succeeding with single women that is virtually guaranteed to work.

I call it the "role model" method of succeeding with women. Here's how it works:

Do you have a male companion that's very popular with women and is always meeting, attracting, and scoring with the opposite sex? If you do, then that's great! You can use him as your role model.

Pick his brains and find out what he is doing that makes him so successful with women. Then when you find out what he is doing, you do the same thing he is doing.

By doing what he is doing, you can enjoy the same success he is having. Also, go on girl-hunting expeditions with him and watch him in action. Observe what he says, how he acts, his body language, how girls react to him, etc. Learn by observation what he is doing and you can duplicate his success.

If you don't have a male friend that is successful with women that you can use as a role model, then observe men at the places you go to meet single women that are obviously doing pretty well with the ladies. Pull him off to the side and ask him if he will share his secrets with you on how he successfully meets, attracts, and dates women. Then, just duplicate what he is doing.

After you have success with women by duplicating what your role model does, be sure and observe what is working for you. Stay with what is working for you. Success will breed more success and you will build a lot of confidence.

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