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What To Do When You've Been Dumped

Don Diebel, publisher

Don Diebel's "Get Girls"

It's a sad fact of life, but when you play the dating game your girlfriend may dump you. And here's some advice to help you get over her:

No guy likes to get dumped; especially by someone you cared for and loved. But, love is a two-way street.

Both parties have to love and nurture a relationship to keep it alive. It's no good to be involved in a one-way relationship with a woman that you love and she does not love you back.

I know you're going to feel like shit in the beginning after your girlfriend breaks up with you. But, you will get over her a hell of a lot easier if you will take these steps to get over her and get on with your life:

1. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself and try to scheme up ways to get your girlfriend back. Don't make any efforts whatsoever and whatever you do, don't call her or write her. You need to block her out of your life completely and pretend that she does not even exist on this earth anymore.

2. If you have any pictures of her lying around, on the wall, or in your wallet, hide them in your attic or somewhere where you will not likely see them. Even better, throw them away or burn them. You could be nice and return them to her if you desire.

3. Here's a good ritual to get her out of your system: Sit down and write her a letter telling her pissed off and hurt you are about her dumping you and tell her good bye and you don't want to ever see her again. Don't mail this letter, but just set it aside somewhere. This is just a good way to vent your feelings and make you feel better.

4. Block out of your mind all the good times you had. Just focus on the negative and bad times (her bitchy moods, her always nagging you, standing you up for dates, refusing to have sex with you, telling her you love her and she does not say anything in return, her not returning your calls, her flirting with other guys when you go out, her unsightly nose hairs, her fat ass, all your arguments, etc.). After some serious thinking, you may come to realize that you had mostly bad times and things worked out for the best by you getting out of an unhappy relationship.

5. Be sure and hide or destroy any love letters or cards she may have given to you.

6. Return any gifts she may have given to you. You don't need the reminders of her and I would consider throwing them away or donating them to the needy.

7. Don't listen to the crying in your beer songs or songs that you shared together. Listen only to upbeat music that will cheer you up. Lying around listening to sad songs is only going to make you feel worse.

8. If you can, avoid going to places that will remind you of your ex.

In conclusion, keep real active and busy and spend a lot of time with your friends. And most importantly, get back in circulation and start dating again. And, don't be choosy and particular when you start dating again.

Date any and all single women. You need to get back in the groove and don't hold out waiting for some Playboy Playmate type to come along.

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