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Get A Date In 12 Seconds


I have a question for you...

How long should it take for you to get a woman's number and/or email address?

If you said:

3 - 12 seconds...

You're right!

Are you freaked out?

Because if you're not then I need you to call me, because I need you in the next 'Double Your Dating' seminar!

If you need more time than that you just haven't read enough!

WomanHere is your basic scenario:

Guy sees girl...

Girl sees guy...

Guy approaches girl...

Guy says something cocky and funny...

Girl replies with shocked laughter...

Guy get's her name and email to "catch up later (and)..."

And the reasons that he get's her name and number is because the very next thing he said was:

"... to compare notes on all the fun we had tonight"

"... to check on each other's real name"

"... so she can buy him a coffee when they get together in a couple of days"

" that he can find out where she'll be tomorrow"

... to double check that those aren't the same shoes his mother wears"

"... to learn how expensive that ring she's wearing really is"

Or a host of other comments that closes the door on the quick "grab-and-get" and the next time that he gets together with her will be at a place that he chooses, for a short get-to-know-you type date that works great towards getting the whole "are you a pick up artist" trust issue put away.

You've already learned to:

Quick - get her name and email (or phone number).

Quick - get-away so you don't say anything stupid or leave open doors for her to wonder what the hell you're up to.

Quick - reaction to what you first said to put her at ease, get her info and get back to where you were.

Guy's understand this technique of the "grab-and-get" quite easily but putting it into use takes practice.

That is why you've got to have some pick -up comedy, a cocky and funny attitude, as your game.

Nothing, and I man NOTHING, breaks the first seconds of introduction better that a snarky comment that makes her "react" to what you said instinctively instead of the "automatic rejection" she has prepared for every guy that approaches her.

Because, despite all obvious possibilities, girls want to be picked up... they just don't want it to be OBVIOUS.

And when you inject some nasty humor into your first encounter you are behaving like NO OTHER GUY she's met and you will get her name, you will get her email and/or phone number, you will stand out from every other guy that approaches her tonight, tomorrow, hell, maybe even the whole of the month!

You don't have to be in a bar or club.

You could be in a bookstore...

"Hey, you're into reading him/her? How do you like it? I gotta run, can I get your email and we can talk more about it?"

Asking for her email is safe because it's not all that personal. Or you can ask if she's on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, or dozens of other sites... People like to trade real life encounters with online life. You can make this work for you to get dates easily enough as long as you don't bore the poor girl to death.

Woman at beachThat's why, before you say something to turn her off, before you show the "pick-up-artist" in you, you make tracks.

See her...

Size her up for your approach...

Say it...

Ask it...

Get it...

Move on... (not to the next girl, stupid, move on to somewhere neutral, like away from her, got it?)

There are plenty more great ideas for picking up women just waiting for you.

But now you have to ask for them.

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