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Always Getting Women


This article: If you're not at your best do you really think you'll attract great women?

I want to put you in the frame of mind that everything you do, everything you think of, is all to get women.

As you read this article we will go through several examples of men successfully and unsuccessfully attracting women.

The difference is that you'll see between the successful and unsuccessful guys aren't all that great. It's not a wide chasm and that separates the good guys from the bad guys. Guys who get the girls and the guys that don't.

Women like to be courted. With the flowers and the candy in the fancy dinner is chasing after her like dedicated puppy dog. This also bores the hell out of most women. Hiding your character and personality behind gifts and extravagance does not attract women. It's as though you were wearing a mask and any time you real personality can slip through. So you hide behind these gifts to fancy dinners and the nice trips. And when you tire of lavishing these things on her. Your mask slips off your real personality is revealed and she drops you like a hot potato.

Men don't need to court women like that anymore. It's not the chase. It's the catch.

It's the involvement, combined with mystery that attracts women.

Not the guys chasing after women or the guys that are trying to play the girls game. The rules change in courtship after the initial dates and romantic relationship is begun.

Women like to be teased, women like anticipation, this allows them to create a romantic ideal in their mind, which also includes you without you being particularly romantic. And what I mean by that is be the bad boy, when you call her have a plan she's part of it and it doesn't matter too much if she joins you are not. This "interested but not waiting" attitude is very effective in keeping a woman interested in you.

Let's take a casual day where you're actually leaving the house. You're going out into the open, and you can meet anyone. The possibilities are there...

How do you look on this casual day outside? Clean shirt? Clean pants? Hair in some sort of style? Footwear is good?

Every woman you see in this casual day is measuring you up against something in her mind, her ideal man. For you to be able to successfully approach any of these women you just have to match one of those ideals well. So if you are clean, smell nice, and are approachable, you have the advantage over every other guy that the woman is going to see today.

"Hi, I like your shoes, do they make them for people to?"

"That's a very colorful top. Is it your work uniform?"

"If you move any faster times can a standstill!"

"Can I have your phone number and we'll compare it how well we did shopping apart?"

"Do you remember being one of those three-year-old screaming kids when mom took you shopping?"

These are great opening lines that you can use almost anywhere. Feel free to customize them for your particular approach.

When you're aware of the "always getting women" attitude your character become stronger and you become more confident around women. Because it's your face that's out there. It's always your test to beat.

When you're always getting women, you know that you've got a fraction of a second to make a great impression, to create some interest and attraction in her.

So, look sharp, be funny, outgoing, and manage your winning personality with a great smile.

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