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Am I A Wussy? How To Find Out Right Now!


This article: What will heal the pain of being a wussy? And why can't you get a girlfriend? And why your life sucks right now!

Wrong ideas, wrong tactics, wrong, wrong, wrong.

The first thing in this article I want you to do is listen to this video (hint, listen closely to the lyrics):


OK, I got caught up in this song a few weeks back and it's been bugging the hell out of me since. I just couldn't remember what it reminded me of until now:

The lyrics are about a guy that secretly loves a girl that has a boyfriend already and that boyfriend has upset or hurt the girl.

It's the wussy singing this song to his secret love, the girl that thinks she's only a friend.

Isn't that just so sad? So wussy-like.

I mean, a major part of being a wussy is liking (or loving) a girl without ever telling her how you really feel, that you want to turn your friendship into a dating relationship. And she just doesn't clue in!!!!

Here, read the first 5 verses and chorus for yourself and see what I mean (or hell, listen to the damn video again!):

Let me tell you a secret
Put it in your heart and keep it
Something that I want you to know
Do something for me
Listen to my simple story
And maybe we'll have something to show

You tell me you're old on the inside
How can the outside world
Be a place that your heart can embrace
Be good to yourself
Because nobody else
Has the power to make you happy

How can I help you
Please let me try to
I can heal the pain
That you're reeling inside
Whenever you want me
You know that I will be
Waiting for the day
That you say you'll be mine

He must have really hurt you
To make you say the things that you do
He must have really hurt you
To make those pretty eyes look so blue

He must have known
That he could
That you'd never leave him
Now you can't see my love is good
And that I'm not him

Do you get it yet? Is this you??

The last line "And that I'm not him"... has that ever been you?

How can I help you
Please let me try to
I can heal the pain
Won't you let me inside
Whenever you want me
You know that I will be
Waiting for the day
That you say you'll be mine

Is this your inner reaction to whatever happens to this girl you love? Do you sing this song to yourself (or lyrics something like it, you wussy) because you can't say it out loud to her?

Do you see that you'll never get a girlfriend because you don't have the balls to walk up to her, demand a kiss for loyalty to you, and tell her to meet you somewhere (or something similarly cocky which is talked about in the ebook) and from now on the the guy that she loves, instead of that other jerk (but the jerk that gets all the girls too, right?).

Look at these three last verses:

Who needs a lover
That can't be a friend
Something tells me I'm the one you've been looking for
If you ever should see him again
Won't you tell him you've found someone who gives you more

Someone who will protect you
Love and respect you
All those things
That he never could bring to you
Like I do
Or rather I would
Won't you show me your heart
Like you should

Won't you let me in
Let this love begin
Won't you show me your heart now
I'll be good to you
I can make this true
And get to your heart somehow

How utterly sappy!

"Won't you let me in?"

"I'll be good to you"

You have got to be kidding me! That stuff rarely, if ever, works outside of TV and the movies.

Alright, Wussy 101 is now over.

I hope you enjoyed this every revealing chapter in your life.

And promise me to NEVER, EVER behave like the guy in this song is.

Everything you read in these articles will make more sense once you have read the book.

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Robert L.




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