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Are You A Sexy Man?


This article: "Do women define men as 'sexy' purely on physical looks? No!"

If you don't understand all the ways that make a woman think of you than sexy, other that purely physical looks,, then you've been missing out on a big part of your game.

Sure, many women can be shallow, looking for "arm candy" just as men can be... but, when you go past that just physical look thing, you get more into the psychology of women and can explore how to make yourself sexy without 6-pack abs, professional model build and hair, top of the line designer clothes.

Double Your Dating eBookAttraction is sexy

Have you ever been to a store, grocery store, book store, department store, etc., and seen those racks upon racks of "women's books", the romance novel section?

Tucked away with the women's magazines are dozens of titles that are strictly there to offer women a "romance outlet" that they don't get in their real lives.... it's porn for women.

Reading these novels allows a woman to feel the emotion of attraction, the emotional experience of being entangled in a fantastic place of love, betrayal, romance and sex.

Porn for women, as I said.

While guys prefer to just look, women engage the characters, emotionally attach themselves to the plot and the story as it unfolds.

If you want to be instantly sexy without all the exercise, then find a romantic, stud approach that works for you.

Conversations can be sexy, and they're quite inexpensive (LOL).

To have a sexy conversation you need to talk about how she feels about something.

You want to steer the conversation towards events in her life that have excited her.

This could be as simple as the last time she shopped for a sexy outfit (better if she is wearing a sexy outfit) and ask her about how she felt about wearing it.

Watch for her eyes to open a little more (body language signal of being excited and attracted to you).

If you're across the room and you see her, she sees you, a bit of a wink and a smile can make a woman feel sexy... that is one of the first ways to start attraction in her.

Remember, she wants to feel sexy, all you have to do is create the atmosphere that shows her that you find her sexy.

You should be dressing decently, for where ever you are, because  a woman, mostly, dresses to make herself feel sexy, to feel better about herself that she does about other women and she will react positively to a man that passes her initial standards, that moment of attraction test, when she decides if you are worthy of her or not.

Now I'm not saying that you can't build attraction in her, because you can, but you are ahead of the game when your game uses all the tools at your disposal.

Humor (Cocky & Funny), clean skin, clean hair, interest in her, connecting talk (you listen to what she says and get her to talk about herself rather than you doing all the talking), and busting on her where necessary.

When you get the "You're a brat" response, you've made a favorable impression on her - the time is right for a forward move, touching her arm, the small of her back. Women have a lot of ways to show you they are interested in you, and one of the big  ways is body contact. A touch on the arm, shoulder, back even moving hair off your face (if your hair is that long).

You've made her feel sexy and she allows small touches, she leans in to hear you better, she adjusts her clothes... all welcome in signs for you to build rapport and increase attraction.

She sees you as sexy, and as a possible partner for her.

When you fill her desire of a sexy man, then you positively reflect to her that she is also sexy.

There is a lot more of how to make a woman feel sexy, and increase her attraction in just a few words, a few actions, broken down to techniques that any guy can master all in the Double Your Dating ebook.

So, you know what you have to do now, click here, and enter your name and e-mail address on the next page, and get to work. As a free bonus you'll be signed up for the dating secrets e- letter.

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