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Be The Bastard - Get The Girl


You've got a problem with girls liking you and you don't know why... welcome to my classroom, my friend.

I know what your problem with girls is… you try so hard to be nice to them and you get exactly where they want to keep you, in “No Man’s Land”!

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of every other guy having sex right now – EXCEPT YOU!

No don’t get me wrong, every girl I ever knew loves the considerate, respectful guy. They just aren’t attracted to him!

They want the guy that turns their crank!

They want the guy that can tease them into a wetness that is rarely experienced with their clothes on!

You have to be able to tease the girls you like so that you are no longer chasing them, they’re chasing you!

Do you understand yet?

Do you see how, when you compare yourself to the guy that she does flirt with, how different your game is?

And why you struggle so hard to get her to even throw a smile your way?
You can CHANGE.


Step one is to realize you have to change your game – and stick with it, even when it seems like its not working. Do you think she’s going to actually say to you “Hey, your new attitude turns me on”.

If you believe that then you’re further back in this class then I thought.

Step two is to understand that she will see the change in you and act accordingly. She will, after a while, see you in a different, more attractive and assertive way.

It means you’re getting her attention and turning the way she used to think about you on its head.

Step three is to NOT turn back into the guy you were before. It’s a hard habit to break, I get that. But if you become the guy you were, instead of the guy she wants, YOU WILL LOSE.

Are you following what I am telling you? Good.STOP BEING LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY!

Here are some more “tough-love” tips for you – CLICK HERE

Good Luck,
Robert Lee
Robert Lee

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