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Bust On Her

This is the very start of you becoming cocky and funny and attracting women


This article: "A woman's brattiness is there because she get's away with it. The moment you bust on her you'll have her attention which can lead her to intense attraction for you!"

Valentine's Day Strategy #1

If I were you and I wanted to do something for Valentine's day, I'd make sure it was COCKY and FUNNY. Maybe buy one of those huge heart-shaped cards, and send it to her with the following message:
"Dear Peaches,
I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you, and
I realized that you were probably going to get me something REALLY nice for Valentine's day.
I didn't want to feel like a cheapskate who didn't get you anything, especially since you're going to spend a lot of money on me. So I got you this card.
Kiss Kiss,
Your Man."

I don't know... just an idea. Keep with the tone of how you're busting her balls and do something interesting. Sappy is bad. Wuss talk is bad. Wait until your first wedding anniversary for the girly talk.


Dear Dave,
I don't know how it happened, but I have been somehow subscribed to your newsletter! Some women think your techniques are unethical, but I just see them as tools and instructions that help men be manly. How ethically the student uses what you teach is up to the student, if he wants to be a Don Juan, it's still up to him.

Personally, I am a natural at the cocky and funny stuff you talk about and guy's eat it up!

Yes, it is boring when all the guys act the same. I have had to tell numerous men to quit buying me expensive things (one friend wants to by me a new car at the moment!) because somehow, they think that's what it takes to get me really interested in them!

Seriously, I appreciate the sweetness of the thoughts behind the generosity, but personally, it's a turn-off. I don't want gifts that create strings from a guy I am not in a relationship with! Funny thing, if the super wealthy car buying guy was a little less generous and a lot more cocky, I could've seen myself falling for him.

The reason why I am writing is because I have started dating a great guy but he is such a wussy!

He has been trying to get me to agree to move in with him (my family and I would all hate that!) and is further dangling the carrot of supporting me through school. If we were married, I could see a fairness in that, but come on now, we just barely met! For now, any advice on how I can get him to stop? He is just giving too much! Seems like he is setting himself up to get hurt or feel unappreciated by my refusals. Any suggestions on how to get him to "man up"?

David D. >>>MY COMMENTS:

Yes, I have a GREAT idea. Dump this LOSER and call ME.

I live in California, and I promise to NEVER, EVER buy you expensive things. No cars, no jewels, nothing.

You know, it's taken me about five years to figure out how to get guys to stop acting like Kiss-Ass Wussbags (and at least a couple of those years were spent getting myself to stop acting this way!). It's not easy work.

I suggest that you buy him a copy of my ebook and tell him to pay careful attention to the section on how to not act like a Wussy, etc. I'm not kidding.

And by the way, I appreciate the fact that you gave me some great material to bust on YOU about...

You just got to love it when a woman says:

"He has been trying to get me to agree to move in with him (my family and I would all hate that!) and is further dangling the carrot of supporting me through school. If we were married, I could see a fairness in that, but come on now, we just barely met!"


So you could "see a fairness" in him paying for you to go to school if you were MARRIED to him? Say what? Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

Are you saying that giving him your hand in marriage would be worth him paying for your schooling in exchange? There's "a fairness" in that? Methinks that word "fairness" means something other than what you think it means.

And that's not anything I ever teach!


Hey Dave, gotta tell you, your advice absolutely rocks!!! Here I was for 23 years of my life wondering what on Earth it takes for a man to be SEXY in a woman's eyes and here all it took was for me to read your e-book and newsletters!!! Anyways, I've been reading and re-reading your book, booklets and newsletters for the past two weeks now, without acting on them... I did all the exercises though, including the mental preparation of course.

So anyways, today was the day I decided to put your theories to the test. I woke up this morning and said to myself, "Today is the day that women everywhere will realize that I am their 'Prince in shining armor.'" C&F, a touch of style, a little mixed signal sending and that brings me to where I am now.

I am sitting at home wondering how I am going to deal with the three dates I have made for this weekend! A waitress (sexy as hell, a solid 9.9 on my scale), a college girl (about an 8, but very sweet) and a girl of who I only know her name and contact details (a solid 10).
Damn!!! How long I've waited to have problems like these!!! If these are problems, can you imagine what the GOOD times will be like?!

David D. >>>MY COMMENTS:

Yeahhhhh Babyyyyyyy!
You know, it's really crazy that us guys live in a perceived prison of our own making.

One of the guys that was at my seminar a while back shared a story with the group. He had a major breakthrough the evening before when he was trying the ideas. He said (my paraphrase) "I can't believe how easy it is to start conversations with women. I just walked up to women all night and said "Hi, I'm just walking around meeting people, what's your name?" and it worked!" And yes, it is amazing when you start having women find you sexy because of the way you communicate with them.

He's made the realization of getting over his insecurities and moving forward head-on. I love it!


Hi David,
Just finished reading your book for the 6th time and I always learn something new. I've had tremendous success with your methods; and, what's especially interesting is how they work on a gamut of different types of girls.

Personally, I don't have a certain 'type' of girl. In my 3 years at college, I have dated stuck-up sorority girls, artsy girls, pretentious glam queens, and club/raver girls -- they all love it when I lay what I've learned from you on them.

Now, in "Double Your Dating" when dealing with bratty, stuck up types you tell us to take a "You're spoiled, and I don't blame you for it" attitude. How would you go about doing that?? Could you give me a springboard on this one? As most guys want a gorgeous girl, they will oftentimes have this attitude and we all need to know how to make it work for us.


David D. >>>MY COMMENTS:


To answer your question of how to deal with bratty, stuck up types take a moment and THINK ABOUT how they GOT TO BE bratty and stuck up. They act this way because it WORKS FOR THEM. It gets them what they want. It's a power play, and it's a good one. A bratty, stuck up HOT girl can get her way with MOST men. You mentioned the "You're spoiled, and I don't blame you for it" attitude. This is good.

Let's extend it a little bit:
"You're spoiled. I don't blame you for that. I would be too if I was a girl and most guys kissed my ass and acted like whipped wussies around me. But just because your head is SCREWED UP to the point where you don't have any decent social skills doesn't mean that I should tolerate your disrespectful mouth for even one second. So if you want to spend time with me, act like an adult."

This is the mindset. The attitude.

Here's how to use it:

STEP 1: Get her info quickly, and leave even more quickly.

The last thing you want to do is compete with a bunch of loser guys who are showering her with compliments, or some tough guy who wants to try to show everyone how cool he is by competing with you.
Use the 3 minute email/number technique. Be cool, direct, and focused.

STEP 2: Get together with her ALONE.

Meet for tea... whatever.
Just make sure it's only YOU and HER.

STEP 3: Make fun of her, tease her, and bust her balls.

If she has a sense of humor, enjoy it. If she doesn't hit the road... it's not worth your time (some hot women are so stuck up and uptight that they cannot deal with someone teasing them. Run.).

STEP 4: Do not address her "hotness" at all, unless it's to make fun of it.

"Wow, so what's it like being a redhead in a world that loves blondes?"
"Soooo, how did you manage to color only the very roots of your hair dark like that?"

You get the picture.

STEP 5: Find out if there's actually an INTERESTING PERSON hiding behind the bratty, stuck up persona.

If you do what I've told you, you'll be very likely to meet a more "real" side of her.

STEP 6: Once you've "met" the "real" her, NEVER ADDRESS her "bratty" side again.

If she starts acting like a brat, or snooty around other people, or whatever, just ignore it completely, or ask her why she's acting 13 all of a sudden.

Try that.

Oh, and do all the other stuff you've learned from me about taking things to a "physical" level... because once you've gotten past the bratty persona, you've turned everything around, and you should now lead.

How can you HIDE the fact that you're nervous, and "portray" at least a "slight degree" of confidence? I hate to say this, but you need my Advanced Program a lot more than you know. Look, HIDING things isn't the answer here. Being READY is the answer. "Portraying" a "slight degree" of confidence isn't the answer. Getting RID of your INSECURITIES is the answer.

Now, I just gave you the answers to your questions. I can hear you saying "How? How?" from here.

If you come to me and say "My car won't start, and I keep trying to get it to start is there a better way to turn the key or press the gas pedal down so it will start?" I'm going to assume that you don't know much about cars.

THE WAY you're asking me these questions tells me that we're dealing with DEEPER ISSUES than the ones you THINK you're dealing with.

If ONLY it were as simple as finding out how to learn a quick way to hide nervousness and portray a slight degree of confidence and then roll up to every "9" in the GYM and score her digits -- LOL.

Hell, if it was that easy, everyone would know the answer, and you wouldn't have to ask me! I think I've beaten the dead horse with reckless abandon so maybe I should start talking about how to solve your problem.

My final question for you is:

If the only thing that's stopping you from dating the women you want is your attitude, fear and general wussiness, what is it worth for you to change?

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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