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This article:  "Build your confidence by knowing how women will respond to you first. By approaching a lot of women in one day, you'll find out that women are usually pretty nice, and you'll be able to handle whatever happens."

Hey Dave,
I've gone from a shy, only-talking-to-girls-I-meet-online-fellow, to a talk-to-you-at-the-drop-of-a-hat type of guy, and it's all thanks to you!

I came up with a rather cocky/funny approach about a month ago and since then I've met 6 girls for coffee. 2 of them happened to be physical therapy majors and both of them offered to give me some "sexual healing."

Anyway, I work at my school's gym so I get to see girls in there little shorts, hehe. I would call the girl over to the desk I'm at and ask her if she's single.

If she says yes, I respond, "So if I did this, (start running my finger through her hair while I whisper in her ear I wanted to lay her down and kiss her from head to toe and back up again) "you wouldn't have to deal with telling your boyfriend you've begun seeing someone else?" And being that they're on their way to the cardio room, I have just enough time to use use your "gimme your e-mail & phone number thing."

By the way, I'm a relatively short guy (5'5) so really, it is all your approach. On a side note, I have 4 girls from online that I've made plans to link up with for a midnight rendezvous. 'course the number is higher but only these four are in my area. Anyway, keep up the good work!

David D. >> MY REPLY

Well, now you've done it...

Your story actually sounds UN-real! But I'll also tell you something from personal experience:


It's so hard for most men who have never had any success with women to identify with a story like yours. They'll say "Well, it's because you work at the gym" or "He's probably in good shape" or whatever.

While these things may be true, you also mentioned something else in your story: YOU DIDN'T USE TO BE THIS WAY, AND NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE MINDSET AND HOW TO USE IT, YOU ARE.

By the way, isn't that Marvin Gaye technique SWEET?


Hey David,
What do I say when a woman I haven't talked to in a while (whom I'm interested in) asks about my love life? I want her to know I'm single, but desired by others. Some cocky/funny ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I'm going to let you in on a little secret:
If a woman knows you're dating other women, she'll be FAR more likely to be interested in you.


So don't downplay it.

Remember, we humans (and especially women who have competition) LOVE a good challenge. Even though we whine about it, kick and scream, and resist, there's nothing that will get a person's attention like a challenge that they're willing to face.

You're on the right track looking for a way to bring the cocky+funny mindset to the table.

How about these:
Her: "So, tell me about your love life."
You: "Have you ever heard of James Bond? You get the idea."


Her: "So, are you seeing anyone special?"
You: "What do you mean by "special?" No, I wouldn't call any of them "special"... unless you're talking about not being the sharpest tool in the shed... in that case, yes, I'm seeing a couple of 'special' women."

Get the idea?

Your answers are saying "I'm confident enough to make jokes about it" while still implying that you're going out with several women.


I have been a subscriber of your newsletter for a while now. I have pretty much perfected your techniques and have had tremendous success with them.

One thing I recently realized is that after you have them hooked you can keep them on the line even more by using strange timing for telephone calls etc. What I mean by this is that I have found it beneficial to return their calls at weird hours when you wouldn't expect them to be home or awake if they are so that you leave a message.

Then when they call about half the time all I do is pick up the phone and say "can't talk sorry bye," hang up, and go back to watching sportscenter.

The girls who are calling obviously want to see more of you, so being hard to reach makes the game all the livelier. If you mix being hard to reach with the occasional phone call it seems like a shortcut to taking it to a more physical level because they aren't sure when they will see you next. I was wondering if you have used this and if you think it is a good idea or if there is some unforeseen way this could backfire?

David D. >> MY REPLY

You horrible man!

You actually tell women that you're BUSY, and hang up so you can go back to watching SPORTSCENTER?

You're killing me over here.

I can't believe it, I think you're one of about five men alive that have gotten to the point where you don't need to stop everything just for a little attention from a woman!

Hell, I'm starting to feel attracted to you.

Easy, boy.

You are doing EXACTLY the right things. Keep it up.

Being unpredictable, hard to reach, and mysterious is MAGIC when it comes to creating ATTRACTION.

Of course, no technique is perfect, and if you do these things long enough you will have something come up as a result. But overall, this is a WINNING combination.

If and when you do have a problem or setback, don't worry about it. These things happen. You'll have so much success that it won't matter.

As a side note, I want to mention a quick little something:
I think that there's a line between doing things that make women feel attracted to you so you can enjoy a more interesting romantic life and actually give women what they want.

And using the ideas you're learning purely to manipulate women into doing things.

Most women would really prefer if guys would do this stuff and be more interesting, but there's a danger of using this information, and making people into toys.

I honestly believe that you can live whatever lifestyle you want... all the way from dating several women at a time to being married for years... and still do it with integrity and honesty.

Do the right thing, and be a good guy.


Hello, I do agree with the Cocky Funny in theory. However for me it is proving to be difficult in practice. One of the biggest hurdles for me seem to be the initial walkup.

I am a very shy, nervous, and easily embarrassed person. Often when I see a beautiful women my heart starts to thump and my hands sweat, and face goes red.

I have had 2 opportunities in the past few weeks where I had women come up to me to ask me for something, once for directions, and once for a light. I can think of a few things after these happened, like I could have told the girl asking for a lighter "those things are bad for you, you know". The girl asking for directions was a golden opportunity missed, I could have been more detailed and then got her email, but instead I just kind of froze up and gave her quick instructions. When this happens I start to get regrets and beat myself up for not thinking more on my toes.

I do think that places outside of nightclubs are good, because women don't expect it, and you catch them off guard, but I was on the tub this morning (subway in the USA) and saw this absolutely stunning Brazilian, I thought perhaps I could do the "are you single, my friend would like you" but all the people around me made me hesitate and put it off. If I had done it right at the beginning instead of oogling her in disbelief I probably could of done it.

For me at this point, just to make an attempt would be good to give me a boost. I realize I have become such a wuss. How do I get out of this nervous rut which keeps me from going for the women of my dreams.

David D. >> MY REPLY

If it freaks you out too much to approach women in public, then figure out how to meet them in other ways.

Get online and start instant messaging women.

Go to a pottery or yoga class (if those things interest you).

Get a part-time job as a bartender.

Take dance lessons.

There are all kinds of great ways to meet women.

By the way, one of the best things you can do is get together with a friend, and go out for a day and meet 50 women. Just approach every single woman you see and use one of the techniques you've learned.

Then go do it again.

You might get sick the first 5 times, depending on how deeply-rooted your fears are, but this will help you get over it.

Part of the problem is that you don't know what to expect. It sounds to me like you really don't know how women will respond to you.

By approaching a lot of women one day, you'll find out that women are usually pretty nice, and you'll be able to handle whatever happens.

Otherwise, use one of the ideas I gave you above to make meeting women easier. It might be a good place to start.


Hi Dave. I am a younger one. 18 to be exact. I am interested in this book because I have never really been a ladies' man. I am somewhat above average height; 6'1", and I weigh 205 lbs.

I am not a bad looking guy, but I just get really tense around women. (You've probably heard this before) After I say hi, I'm clueless. Can you help me Dave? Are these techniques as good as they sound? (Your newsletters seem quite convincing)

Please help out one of your youngest romantically retarded friends. Thank you.
PS: If this does work as well as you say, then expect to hear a success story from me.
P. J. K.
San Francisco, CA

David D. >> MY REPLY

I know what you're talking about. I used to be VERY tense when it came to women.

I could be out in a public place, and a woman could even START THE CONVERSATION WITH ME, and I didn't know what to do.

I always felt like I need to say something that would "impress" a woman or act "cool" so she'd like me.

I went through this for most of my adult life, actually.

I can't say that my techniques will absolutely work for you without question. You're the one that has to use them.

But I will say that if you get out there and try them, I think you'll find that they work better than anything else, and that you'll have more success than you have now. It took me YEARS to really figure out what women respond to, and I really believe that ANY guy can use the material to attract women.

Depending on just HOW shy or nervous you are, you might need to get that handled but once you start working with the ideas, I think you'll be VERY pleased with the results.

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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