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Being Cocky And Funny


This article: "Changing how you behave around women requires you to first believe that you need to make changes to increase your success with women!"


I've been a huge fan for the past 2 years. I've gotten more phone numbers, been on more dates and HAD MORE SEX in the past 7-8 days than I have in the past 6 months. We're talking 180-degree shifts in my interactions with women... I'm at 100% success right now.

To all the guys out there, attitude is EVERYTHING. KNOW that you can have any girl you want, let that reflect onto girls and they WILL smell your confidence. And, to women, that's very sexy!!!

Now, onto my question...

How do Cocky-Funny, self-validating, confident men deal with attention-getting comments from women? For example, the other day I'm on the telephone with one of the girls I met recently and she was complaining about her new haircut. She says, "A., I look SOOOOO ugly with this new haircut" (she STILL was an absolute knock out actually!!).

Now, I thought to myself, What Would David Do in this situation? Would he tell her, "Oh no sweetie, you look gorgeous". I thought that seemed pretty wussy, so I says to her, "Listen here, I didn't call you so I could listen to you complain...".

Are cocky-funny remarks the right way to deal with this type of female complaining? Is it just a test to see if we'll give in to their little games? KEEP IT UP DAVID!!!
A, Indiana


You are on the RIGHT TRACK here. Next time a woman complains about herself or tries to get attention, just make it FAR worse than she ever thought it could be. If she says "My new haircut makes me look soooo ugly" just reply "You know, I wasn't going to say anything, but... <pause>...".

Remember, COCKY & FUNNY. It's the combination. If you really want to be bold, just say "So what am I going to get paid for babysitting tonight?". Or even better, say "Did this stuff work on your dad? Why didn't he spank you more?". I'm cracking myself up over here.

Nothing better than hitting the nail right on the head, if you catch my meaning. Again, you're on the right track. Don't be a Wussy. But make sure you're funny while you're not being a Wussy. "Listen here, I didn't call you so I could hear you complain..." might do the trick, but it's probably a little over the "jerk" line...
...unless, of course, it's done with the right tone of voice that communicates sarcasm.

Let's talk about eye contact, and what to do after you've made it. Here's the deal, there are a few things that are DEAD GIVEAWAYS to a woman that you're a big-time Wussy, and not worth her time.
A few of them are:
1) Can't maintain eye contact
2) Has slumped, submissive posture
3) Fidgets nervously
4) Gives away his power
5) Looks for attention and approval from others

Of course, there are quite a few more examples of LITTLE THINGS that women look for... to make QUICK DECISIONS about what kind of man you are... and INSTANTLY know whether or not you are worthy of a second thought.

Now, as you've heard me say a million times, these "decisions" all happen on an an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Women don't look at a man, then say to a friend "Well, he maintained eye contact when I first looked at him, then he held his head up high in a dominant posture... so I'm going to give him a chance".

Duh, no way.
It's an INSTANT FEELING that women get. They use these little body language cues to instantly size you up, then respond instantly. Now about a particular facet of eye contact... specifically, when you're standing one foot away from her and it happens.

If anything, it takes MORE composure and inner strength to look a woman in the eyes if she's standing a foot away. In this case it's even MORE important to not look away. And what to say?

Try saying "I just couldn't help noticing you... <pause>... STARING at me..."
That's funny.
Or say "Do you always maintain such strong eye contact? Or only with guys like me that you can't help it with?"

Try anything. You're in the right place... I mean, you don't even have to expend the energy to walk over and start a conversation!
Even "hi" is better than walking away.

Once you get over your remaining fear of the unknown, and you realize that you're in control of your life and your results, you'll begin to realize that situations like these are GREAT opportunities.

...which reminds me of something.

I honestly believe that FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is one of the biggest obstacles that guys face with women. It may sound silly, but most guys who are afraid to approach women really don't know exactly WHAT they're afraid of. All they know is that they have an INSTANT fear come up whenever they think of walking up to a woman they don't know and talking to her. Of course, a "fear of the unknown" sounds like an easy thing to fix.

I mean, just realize that you don't even know what you're afraid of, and it should go away, right? Sounds good, but it's WRONG. The fact is that this is a COMPLEX problem. I've met guys who have gone to therapy for YEARS to get over fears... and it didn't work. Now, I'm not a therapist or psychologist... but I do know one thing... I used to have this very same fear. I know EXACTLY what it feels like.

But the really weird part is that the thing that helped me get over it wasn't anything that I expected. What helped me get past it, and helped me to start approaching women and getting emails and numbers from women I didn't know was simply UNDERSTANDING what was going on... and then KNOWING exactly what to do in each situation.

The PROBLEM that I had in the past was that I just didn't "GET IT" with women. I didn't understand what made them feel ATTRACTION for one guy while feeling NOTHING or even like RUNNING AWAY from another guy. Now that I do "get it", I have to say that it's pretty damn interesting. But it's not at all what I would have expected. In fact, it took me a couple of YEARS of trying to figure it out to actually BEGIN to really understand how and why women feel that instant and magical ATTRACTION response for some guys... while most guys go their whole lives without women even noticing them.

But once I DID get it, everything changed.

A lot of guys write in to say that "It just clicked all of a sudden" or "I had a huge Ah-Ha! when I went through the program". You'll also notice that most of the guys who make these comments have read my newsletters and articles for quite awhile as well.

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Talk to you soon,
David D.




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