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Women test men, here are some answers


This article: "Women test men, men lose and wonder what they did wrong. Here's how guys can ahead in this dating game."

Hey Dave,
I was just curious: I'm an average man who tells jokes like crazy to girls, I make tons of people laugh and friends with everyone. I can talk to a girl in a second but some are harder then others.

How do you get real secrets out of them, and know what some deep things are about them. So I am asking when I go up and make fun of them teasing and being cocky, what are some more things I should say to get the conversation rolling and want them to talk to me even more.

If I get a conversation it's easy to tell a little joke here and there. So what are some easy ways to just to get an very high interesting topic to talk to them about?
Thanks, James

David D. Comments:

First of all, why do you want to know "deep" things about a girl you've just met? And why do you want to get "real secrets" about her?

When you first meet a girl you don't need to have her personal life history, that comes much later, if ever. "Hi, you seem nice, want to get together again later? Here, write down your email address for me..." and you're gone. Making for a ton of small talk is going to force your hand into giving up any type of control over the first date, if you get that far.

Remember what I say, the longer you talk to a great looking girl the first time you met her, the more you're going to try to "impress her" and instead of building her interest in you, by using your cocky and funny, you're going to end up catering to her to hold her attention with all the other competition around.

In case you're still not sure what I mean, here are the easy to follow steps:

1) Hi.
2) Name.
3) Phone number or email address.
4) Talk to you later.
5) And go away.

You can follow up later, and if you want to know "secrets" and "deep things", you can work on that later too.

By the way, secrets and deep things are best not discussed early on, unless you're trying to get into a relationship in 5 minutes or you want her to "share with her new great friend" at which point you'll always be her friend and you'll never get to date her.


Dear David,
I just wanted to let you know you information is the best material I ever decided to invest in.

Oddly enough.... the only reason I didn't want to get the double your dating material in the beginning is because it wasn't as expensive as the other BS material I wasted so much money on, so I figured it can't be as good. I am in grad school right now and I realized after reading your newsletters (which had questions from the rich to average) that making good money was not going to give me success with women, and besides I don't want anyone putting me in the long-term lover withhold sex category explained in your book anyway.

Since I have been using your techniques I have been seeing a women that is very attractive and used to date a pro athlete. She just told me recently (without me asking of course) that the reason she felt so attracted to me was my care free, take no crap off her attitude I developed from your book. She tried to throw a tantrum when we were leaving a club wanting me to chase her, so I laughed and told her "when you think you can control your alcohol maybe you can regain your privileges of talking to me again!" then I walked off grinning (love it!).

She explained to me later that she was putting me through a series of test and I was doing things that other guys just didn't do (by the way.... she called ME first thing the next morning to apologize.) She told me the others just kiss her ass and try to make her happy. Now I just reread your book so I remember not to become one of them.

This brings me to my question.
I know you don't specialize in the long term stuff but I would like your opinion. Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to know what would be something special I can do without over doing it. Father's Day just passed (I have a daughter not from her) and she got me a designer shirt, so I don't want to do anything lame either. Can you help me.

David D Comments:

Wow, great job.

It's not often that an attractive woman will actually TELL you explicitly that she's testing you. You have a gal there that is unusually open.

I included your email because it's a great example of how women test men. Most guys FAIL MISERABLY when tested, and they lose the girl in the process. It's sad, but true.

When a woman tests a man, it's like a blind psychological experiment. She's doing the testing, but she knows that she can't TELL you what's going on, because then you'll know it's a test and not respond authentically.

How else could she find out the TRUE nature of your character? How else could she find out if you're actually a strong-willed man with inner power, or just another actor playing pretend in order to conceal the INNER WUSS?

Think about it.

As for the gift idea...

Women typically love SURPRISES and THOUGHTFUL expressions of your feelings. As you know, I don't like to comment on the relationship stages, but if you want to make her see you as different from other guys, plan a few thoughtful surprises for her. Think about experiences that she's always wanted to have, or things she really likes, then combine together to create a time she won't forget.

It doesn't take money to do this, and it's actually better if you DON'T spend a lot.

Remember, what I'm talking about here is to be used when you know a woman and have been dating her for at least a little while. This is the kind of thing that has the word "relationship" all over it, and you don't want to do things like this too soon, or you run the risk of coming across the wrong way.

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Relationships aren't like investing. If you want a lot, get used to giving more. But it's worth it in the end, because love and attention and humor and fun aren't like money. If you give them out, you don't have less. You have MORE. Get it?

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Talk to you soon,
David D.




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