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Cure For The Common Conversation


This week: "Go beyond opening lines and learn how to start real conversations to attract women."

"Hi there, come here often?"

"You have beautiful eyes"

"Great weather, isn't it?"

"Heaven must be missing an angel because I'm sure you just fell from heaven"

"Hi, I saw you looking at me and I thought to myself, I just have to find out if she knows I'm a jail escapee?"

Four lines that are as old as time itself and one that surprises and opens the door for more Cocky and Funny attraction talk from the guy that has the courage enough to walk up to her.

Most guys aren't naturally confident in front of women. For them the task of walking up to a woman they've never been introduced to is like having their front teeth pulled, scary and likely not needed.

After all, if you're a good looking guy shouldn't women be falling all over you? Yes, they should. So why aren’t they? You lack great conversation skills.

You couldn't come up with an opening, instead of an old pickup line, if your life depended on it.

What a lot of guys don't realize is that their life does depend on this!
If you can't confidently approach women, you'll be sitting alone, waiting for castoffs from the friends you know that can get the girl.

And this is where you don't want to be, right?

So, the cure to the common conversation is to be able to approach women with something interesting to say, or even better, something interesting to ask!

If you were alone in an empty room with a woman how would you approach her? With a quick glance you should see something she is wearing and do one of two things:
- Offer a compliment
- Ask a question

Offering a compliment is going to be about an attractive piece of clothing or jewelry she is wearing; asking a question is also about something she is wearing but is more of a "Hi, I couldn't help but notice you're wearing that… (point to whatever it is), what is it?"

This opens the door that would otherwise not be available for you to start talking with her.

This "opening" is a technique that allows you to avoid the "unbearable pause" in your conversation and you don't start lavishing compliment after compliment on her just to keep her attention, which is a big no-no.

The guy that transitions from "What is that?" to "What's your name" and "Do you have email?" stands a much better chance of getting the first date (and more) rather than the dork that can't think of things to say and quickly ends up staring at his feet.

If you want to avoid the "Foot staring competition" keep the conversation going!

And for more about getting past the first ten words of a conversation and learning more "openings" and methods to get past the introduction you've got to read "Double Your Dating".

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