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Three Easy Steps To Your First Date


This article: "I'm going to blow the whole scene open about meeting women and getting dates in three easy to follow steps."

There are some guys that never seem to be able to date the women they want. They don't know how to act around women, they feel clumsy and awkward… the list goes on why these guys strike out time and time again.

Double Your Dating eBookIf this sounds like you, or someone you know, read on because I'm going to blow the whole scene open about meeting women and getting dates in three easy to follow steps:

1. Identify and Approach

2. Chat Up and Get Her Number/Email

3. Call Her Up/Email and Make A Date Plan With Her

1 2 3 … just as easy as pie.

Are you ready to go out and meet some women now? What? You want a little more info?

OK then, I'll be happy to oblige.

Step 1: Identify and Approach

If you're going to be sure that you have some success with women it's important that you identify the women that you have a decent chance to talk to and that you approach them with the goal of getting their attention in an attraction-inspiring way.

If a woman is sitting at a bar and she's wearing a wedding ring, she's not really a great person to try to date, is she? She might be funny, beautiful, easy-going but she's married.

You're better off trying to hit on your nest friend's sister. On the opposite end of the scale is hitting on the waitress that's serving you. Dude, she's nice to you because she works for tips. And maybe she is good looking and responsive to you but keep in mind, going after a waitress ruins your chances with any and all other women in the place forever! Or at least a couple of months after she quits working there. If you want to date the waitress, understand the consequences.

So, you've spotted a single (hopefully) good looking woman. You've identified. Now you need to approach. Keep in mind that women have heard every standard pickup line there ever was, either from the pickup line being used on them before, reading it in an article or seeing it in a movie.

To make your approach friendly, funny and not obvious you need to be uniquely yourself. Throw out all the pre-programmed lines you've memorized and learn to say something funny on the spot and "in the moment". Being funny on the spot and in the moment talks a lot of practice but any guy can learn this technique and you can practice it anywhere.

Step 2: Chat Up and Get Her Number/Email

This step should never take more than 3 minutes. The guys that are naturally at ease with women know that you have to be friendly, funny, attracted to her and put her at ease all within the first few seconds of approaching her.

This means you need to understand body language (hers and yours), you have to project confidence (body language and spoken word) and you need to have an exit plan so you don't overstay your welcome talking with her, and bore her, as well as leaving her wanting more of you to make it all the more likely that she will have high interest when you do contact her next.

If she's standing, you stand. If she's sitting, you sit or kneel beside her. "Hi, I see you have ordered one of this place's specials the 'drink from a dirty glass' –" laughter, and more small talk about this place, other places like it, why my mom would never come here (or dad, aunt, college professor).

Then say "Thanks for meeting you" get up and start to walk away. Take a couple of steps, stop and turn around "Hey, do you have email?" and get her address, or say "Can we continue this later? What's your phone number?". GGG (Get it - Got It - Go Away).

It's likely that you will feel as you walk away that you were really doing well with her, that you left her too early, and maybe you were doing well. But the whole idea of attraction and creating interest with women is that the emotion of her wanting you is accomplished in stages.

Maybe you'll catch up with her later that evening, maybe you'll call or email her tomorrow.

Just don't rush anything. And the sooner you excuse yourself and walk away after chatting her up and getting her info the better you'll be thought of, the more she'll be interested in you and you wouldn't have had the opportunity to blow it with her by continuing talking and trying too hard to be funny, interesting and charming. When you leave women interested, you leave them interested in YOU. And that, my friend, is magical.

Step 3: Call Her Up/Email and Make A Date Plan With Her

There are all kinds of rules when a guy should first call a girl. I've heard of the 7 day rule for calling a girl back, the three day rule for calling her back, the leave a message only rule where you call only knowing she won't be home so you can leave her a voice mail, the only talk to her rule where you hang up and don't leave a voice mail.

There are all kinds of rules for when to call a girl back. My rule for you is: whatever you are comfortable with as longs as it's a "date time" call.

Here’s a bad example:

You meet her on Tuesday night, you talk with her, the vibes are right, you get her number and leave. You've left her wanting more of you. Excellent. Then you call her Wednesday morning to get a date. She doesn’t answer. You call again later Wednesday. No answer and you leave a message. You call again Thursday, twice, maybe three times. "After all", you tell yourself "We really hit it off, I'm sure she likes me" so calling a couple of times isn't a big deal.

Dude, you are just so wrong!

Here's the great example:

When the vibes are right the connection will be made. My rule for you is to call on a sliding scale. Example, same as above: Meet Tuesday and call her Thursday, after work hours (or before if she works a late shift). If you don't talk to her, yes do leave a message like this for her "Hi, Just trying to reconnect with you. I found a place that makes the best coffee in the city. Call me back and I'll let you buy me a cup!".

If you didn't talk to her on Thursday, you've left a message and she still didn't call you back, then your next call with be Saturday or Sunday afternoon, depending on your availability. If you still don't talk to her and she doesn’t call back your last call to her will be the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Don't change your tone of voice, don't sound desperate to get together with her, just say "Still waiting for that cup of coffee, but now you owe me a piece of pie too!" and leave it at that. She calls then great, she doesn’t well you didn't use up all your cell phone minutes on her.

Some women flake out. They are friendly to guys but have other games, and other men, to play. Don't be a victim yourself.

Don't get hung up on one woman when you're out in search of dateable women.

You don't have to romance every woman that you get a number or email from but you do have to keep working on finding the woman that is worth all the extra time and effort of yours.

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