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This article: "If you want a lot, you have to give more, not money but attention. Women want to be noticed and find attraction to guys, they don't want some wussy moaning over them."

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Hello David,
Just wanted to let you know of a little twist of fate I experienced.

After reading your techniques, I made a decision to try them out on a good female friend of mine. Her and I used to be a couple, but four years into it things got sour and the relationship ended. I was absolutely crushed and felt emotionally numb.

A few months went by and I decided to get over the possibility of us getting back together. I had pondered possible reasons as to why our relationship ended. It had seemed as if she just one day awoke and saw me as a friend instead of a mate... but I came to the realization that I had become a wussy and just stumbled into that self defeating clinginess. We remained friends, but I was obviously still attracted to her.

Well, I purchased your book and decided to move on with my life and let her go forever.

Ironically, after some intense practice, I ran into her at the mall and we started talking. It had been a while and I had moved on, so I (naturally) acted like I didn't want her, and I busted her balls in every way possible.

She laughed so hard and got really excited. Well, the next month she called me about 10 times to try to set up a time to meet. Finally, I visited her house for old times sake, applied cocky funny (which was downright second nature at this point), and she started crawling all over me! I wasn't even pursuing her.

Four years of me being a wussy and your techniques pulled me out of it. Very powerful stuff! Just emailed to let everyone know that this stuff works. It also helps if you actually get a grip of your life and don't let past loves drag you down. Get over it and move will only make you more attractive! Take care and thanks.


Congratulations. One thing that really stood out for me in your letter was:
"It had been a while and I had moved on, so I (naturally) acted like I didn't want her, and I busted her balls in every way possible. She laughed so hard and got really excited. Well, the next month she called me about 10 times to try to set up a time to meet."

Women have a very specialized and highly advanced "Wuss Detection System". One of the clues that they use in Wuss-Detection is when a guy is overly clingy or shows TOO MUCH interest.

I know that this doesn't make a whole bunch of LOGICAL sense, but then again, almost NOTHING makes logical sense when it comes to ATTRACTION.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you're able to put your relationship back together... sounds like it was a great thing.

Just remember to NOT BE A WUSSY anymore!


I purchased your book and received most of your e-mails. Your book is an excellent guide for success with women. After reading your book I began to see things more clearly regarding women and dating.

I am currently dating four women at the same time. They are all pretty hot and very into me. I use your Cocky and Funny approach with a touch of sarcasm. I have bedded these girls down within one or two dates. Their ages range from 19 to 26 and sex is a daily thing.

However, I grow tired of scheduling all these women. What should I do? I don't want to go without sex like I use to before reading your book.
Yours Truly,



You're dating four hot women ages 19-26, and you're having sex daily.

Yea, I can sure see how all that scheduling would get you down.... sounds like a TOTAL BUMMER.

Hey, I have an idea...
Maybe you should rent a 5 bedroom house, and then rent out four of the rooms to your dates. You could mark up the rents so you could cover the entire cost... FREE RENT FOR YOU!

But wait... that's not even the good part.
You could run down to Office Depot and get one of those big "white boards", create a huge monthly calendar, and put it up in the kitchen. This way, all of your dates could SCHEDULE THEMSELVES.

It would be great. No more HARD SCHEDULING WORK for you! You could just let them work it all out amongst themselves.

Now THAT'S thinking. I should send you a bill. OK, look man... give me a break!

You want to have a lifestyle that almost NO men have, but you don't like all the tough "scheduling work". Either higher an assistant, or get over it.

You've read how the simple changes of becoming "Cocky and Funny" with women can alter men's lives. And these aren't far-fetched techniques that only work on some women. 99% of women that meet a guy that can be funny, bust on them and use techniques to talk to women that are different from all other guys become attracted to them.

C & F is a great way to meet women, get dates and do more.

I can't say that my techniques will absolutely work for you without question. You're the one that has to use them...

But I will say that if you get out there and try them, I think you'll find that they work better than anything else, and that you'll have more success than you have now. It took me YEARS to really figure out what women respond to, and I really believe that ANY guy can use the material to attract women.

Depending on just HOW shy or nervous you are, you might need to get that handled... but once you start working with the ideas, I think you'll be VERY pleased with the results.

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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