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Finding A Date During The Holidays


This week: "When you're without a date for the family Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve, it’s not impossible to find a date quickly."

The holidays, whether you’re on break from school, off work for “family time” or whatever reason you find yourself with time on your hands and without a date for the family Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve, it’s not impossible to find a date quickly.

Double Your Dating eBookI once read a report that said in North America, at any one time, the population is about 55% married or seriously in a relationship with someone.

That’s 55 out of every one hundred people, men and women. This is awesome news because it means that you have an almost 45/100 odds to meet a single woman as you do your daily out-of-the-house errands, if you’re out gift shopping, if you’re out killing time walking aimlessly down the city streets.

Almost half of the women you see are single! Simply amazing.

Now, when you start talking with a woman you’ve just met don't worry too much about being Cocky and Funny to a girl that you've never talked to. The only thing you need to focus on is getting her info so you can follow up later. Trying to come up with cute lines when you first meet a girl usually makes you self-conscious. And remember just get her info!

Examples are:
- Pick up an item off a shelf and ask her a question about it, then small talk her a bit and ask her for her number so you can ‘talk more later’. “Do you think this really works? Do you think this is worth the price? Would you give this to your mother?
- As you are walking stop and ask her for directions to a coffee shop, tell her your just ‘shopped out’ and need a coffee break and invite her along. Continue with shopping stories, mention people you thought were funny with the products they bought/were looking at. Even if she doesn’t join you for coffee right now, get her number and offer to get together at a less busy time and call her in two days to join you for coffee again.

Use the 3 minute email/number technique (from the Double Your Dating ebook), and don't worry about being Cocky & Funny until you get together with her again.

Never show anxiety when you’re trying to get women’s email and phone numbers during busy holiday times. People’s personal schedules are often in disarray, they’re rushed and just need an excuse to “take a break” from all the holiday hurrah. This is where you come in as the knight in shining armor, to provide a momentary time of reality.

I recommend that you stop thinking about "bagging" and "closing the deal" and start thinking about how you can make her feel attraction. Be the Cocky and Funny guy, bust on her a bit, keep things non-serious to help her attraction build.

Women do find it stressful to start dating a new guy during the holidays, but by being a little cocky and a lot funny, you’ll really spark her interest in you.

For topics of conversation, just look around you when you’re with her (or even when you’re alone). One of the great things about the human race is there are always things to put into a comedic line. People are essentially funny. What they do, how they look, where they might be from and where they are going. Take some time and practice making up funny short stories about the people you see.

That’s’ the type of story you share when you’re with her during the holidays and getting her attracted to you, getting her phone number.

And for more examples of Cocky and Funny, how to get women’s email address and phone numbers and how to really, deeply create attraction in women, you’ve got to read the ‘Double Your Dating’ ebook. Follow the link below and you’ll have free access to many more samples, lot’s of advice and some great audio and video samples here

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
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