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The Funny Thing About Dating


This article: "The funny thing about wanting to meet women so that you can date them is that they want to meet you too so that they can date you."

Double Your Dating eBook It is a funny world we live in, isn't it?

I can only imagine the number of books and articles and stories that have been written about the very deep and personal interactions between man and woman, boy and girl.

And with all this knowledge, with all this advance warning of what can happen, we each go through it alone. Seemingly.

More surprising is the fact that we ask first for advice from our friends who very likely haven't gone through anything even remotely similar to what we're feeling and what we feel we're going through when we're trying to meet and date a woman we like.

It's a crazy, crazy world. There's no doubt about that, is there?

The hardest thing besides actually asking for advice, is getting advice that makes sense. The best source of experience, hopefully, will be your mother or your big sister. They've seen it, done it, gone through it and lived beyond it. Hopefully we can learn from their experiences without going down the wrong road when we’re looking for the Road of Love.

The absolute worst advice you're going to hear is from a buddy of yours that thinks he's a great dater, but rarely get dates himself.

Some, and I use this term loosely, of the best advice you'll get is from a friend that is a girl. She knows what she likes and she likes what she knows. Whether she knows what's in your heart or not is an entirely different story and will greatly affect the value of advice that you receive from her.

Despite the total fear you have of rejection from the girl that has warmed your heart, the best dating advice that you could ask for will come straight from her lips. And it will be a "yes" or a "no".

Now with her answer in your heart, you'll know where to go next. Do you have a date with her? Will you keep trying for her?

Everyone has said life is hard, but love is much harder. And you can only learn about love through personal experience as much as we want to hope to learn about love through someone else's advice.

Certainly there are people out there whose experience you can learn from. But that is only if their advice also works with the type of personality you have, the confidence you have or don't have, and whether you have a shower in the morning.

Cleanliness is next to date-ability.

I have no fear, and no doubt that, you will find love in your lifetime. But sometimes it takes time, and often it takes work, and sometimes even new clothes and a haircut.

This so far you've been doing the right thing, you started off reading this article and you've read it to the end.

Congratulations, you're one step closer to dating the girl you love.

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