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Getting Out Of Loser-ville


This article: Do you know where you are with women? Are you happy in the place you've found yourself? No. Let's discuss how the following guys did get out of 'Loserville' and increased their success with women.

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Dear David,
A friend got me your ebooks as a birthday present, being that before then I was pretty pathetic with the ladies. Being an athletic wrestler made it all the more of an insult.

When I did get a relationship, it would never last more than a week, and nothing would come out of it. Well, after reading your stuff I realized how much of a wuss I was. I did almost every wuss thing in the book, not to mention just having a severe lack of confidence and just not understanding how to properly communicate with women.

Just to see what works, I went on one of those picture rating sites. I'll tell ya, of 3 pictures I ranked from 6.5 to 9.5. The 6.5 one being me as a well groomed nice guy with a smile and the 9.5 as me a year later in a cast with a "pissed off drug dealer" look (I'd been missing a season of wrestling, it was only fitting).

I realized the nice guy look wasn't working. I also met about a dozen girls on that system and just practiced the 'cocky and funny' on them. I was the one calling the shots, dropping the boring ones and sticking to the interesting ones, instead of them choosing whether I was worthy enough to date.

The funny part was, they each started telling me how infatuated they were with me, and telling me about dozens of guys who piss them off, where each of those guys were doing things I used to do by nature.
Well, after I realized that I actually did have it in me, I brought it all together and started using it on girls back at college. I'm currently going out with one of the most beautiful in my college, and it's you I have to thank for it.
JW, Penn State

David D:
Wow, nice. You have really spelled it out. You knew where you were and so did your friend. I hope you treat him really well for getting you out of that hole you were in.

A lot of young, hot women say that men are "annoying" and what they REALLY mean is that men are BORING and that they feel no ATTRACTION for them.

As strange as the truth is, ATTRACTION is NOT triggered by being a "nice" guy.

Nice will never do it.

Of course, as you know, I never suggest that men act in an ABUSIVE way.

But if you want to get out of the "annoying" category, you MUST start BEHAVING AND COMMUNICATING DIFFERENTLY.


Being CLINGY is ANNOYING to women.

Acting like a WUSSY is ANNOYING to women.

Congratulations, and thank you for taking the time to write in and share your story.


Hey Dave,
First off, your eBook is awesome. I've practiced cocky and funny on almost every girl I know, both friends and girls I've dated. It's amazing how much it works on such a majority of women! Every girl I've used it on has been unbelievably receptive and cannot get enough of me. Consequently, my confidence is boosted. It's one of the best chain-reactions in the world.

Here's some proof:
There's this girl I met (before getting your eBook), and I got her e-mail address through a friend. I immediately sent her a message telling her how beautiful she was, how I've heard good things about her, you know, WUSS behavior. Anyway, we started talking on an instant messenger for a while, and things were going NOWHERE until I read a few of your newsletters and read the eBook that is.

This is when I tried cocky and funny and INSTANTLY turned the tables around. Now she keeps sending me pictures of her, keeps telling me that she's never met anyone like me, and actually BEGS me to get online whenever I can! Remember, this girl is beautiful and I rip on her every chance I get! I even catch myself being mean sometimes when she acts like she's better than everyone, but she still eats it up. I know that your advice never includes being mean or hurtful, but I have learned that getting mad at a girl for dumb things she does sometimes makes her realize that you're not another doormat, and that you won't put up with her bullsh** just for the sake of her attention.

Anyway, there was a question to this whole thing:
A few years ago, I started dating an 9.5 girl with a 10 personality. No joke, this girl was smart, funny, and beautiful. We dated for a little while, but she ended up moving to another town with her family. Needless to say, we didn't see each other anymore. The only contact we had was an e-mail here and there.

Fast forward to 4 years later, and I move to the same town after finishing college. I ran into her at a restaurant where she was a waitress, and she was totally surprised and glad to see me. I kept my cool, didn't act like I've missed her, but was still upbeat and funny in the little time we had to talk. A couple weeks after I saw her, she e-mails me and tells me that she wants to hang out. She also said she's seeing someone, even though he's gone for a few months, and that she just "wants to talk."

So what do I do here, man? I want to see her, but as more than friends. I'll obviously keep on doing what has given me such great success recently, (c&f, indifference, independence) but I need a little more advice on the rare "second chance girl." Should I bail? Just be friends? Or try for more using your techniques? Of course I want the girl that seems impossible to have, but she's worth it. Any advice would help a lot, really.

Thanks again, you've given a lot of guys a second chance at more than just women.
RM, Denver

David D:
Well, I think you should stop letting your INNER WUSS run free on this one. You've got to get yourself to a better place that where you are right now!

Stop it!
Stop being ATTACHED to the situation.

If you want to spend time with her, do it. You have NO IDEA what's REALLY going through her mind.

She might be seeing a guy casually, he might not even be a boyfriend. Or she might be just about to break up with him. Or she might be almost engaged to him.

Who knows?

But what I DO know is that you need to chill out. Move out of the lack of confidence you have towards her.

If you want to see her, go have tea for an hour. Have fun, and don't act like a WUSS around her.

You need to stop treating this like it's going to make or break your personal happiness.

Think about it for a minute. This girl could have changed over the last four years, and might be someone that you don't actually want to be with.

The point is that you need to CHILL.

Making a woman this important this soon is not a good idea, and it will probably cause you to do something stupid.

You're doing fine, now keep it up!


Dear David,
I've been getting your newsletter for about a month now and finally got your ebook today. I was a little hesitant at first, but after about 10 pages, like everything else I've seen, I was hooked.

You seem to say and spell out the things that we all see but can't get quite right in our heads and I wanted to thank you for it. I have a cousin who would be one of the 5 people I definitely need to start hanging around and make that push to get rid of the wuss that is dying as I type, and the more I think about why he succeeds so well, the more your book is proven in my mind.

Everything that I always used to watch in admiration, I am starting to see myself doing, and hopefully with some practice, I'll have something for you to send out to the others who are on their way to becoming men.

Your book is awesome, and once I get the basics down them I'm sure the advanced series will kick ass too. I just wanted to say thanks real quick for all you've done, congratulations on finding a way to put it in words, and thanks for giving that first step towards something new to another dedicated follower. Time to read again, learn, focus, and make us both proud.
N, Washington State University

David D:
Yes, you're welcome.

Isn't it great when things that used to make no sense at all finally begin to come together right in front of your eyes? Sometimes just looking at something in a new way will do that for you.

One of the things my eBook does is give you a BEHIND-THE-SCENES look at how the "naturals" work, and why they succeed with women.

I like to think of it as going into high school algebra class, but instead of being handed the normal textbook, getting the TEACHER'S EDITION with all the answers.

It's like putting on the 3-D glasses when you're watching a 3-D movie.

All of a sudden, things that never made any sense before (and things that looked like "magic") all come together...and you get those "AH HA!" moments.

It is TRULY AMAZING when you can begin to actually understand what makes male/female ATTRACTION happen, and then you can start to REALLY see why some guys who aren't particularly good looking, rich, or young wind up with all the women.

***Final Comment***

These above emails have shown how a variety of guys have MADE THE MOVE out of wussiness, out of Loserville, to BETTER SUCCESS with women.

It doesn’t matter your income… It doesn’t even matter your looks… you CAN be the guy that women want to be with just because of how you are, your behavior, your ATTITUDE.

There is no “Golden Ticket” when you’re meeting women. There is no “Sure-Fire” line to get her attracted to you without the possibility of turning her off.

But there are ways to get you noticed by her, each and every individual woman that you meet, techniques that will excite her interest in you, ten or 20 notches above anyone else she sees within seconds.
But this is not magic. And it’s not fantasy on my part of telling you these things.
This is real.

You’ll be exciting, you’ll get her phone number, her email and I’ll walk you through everything.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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