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This article: "The only thing that's real is how much you suck at picking up women!"

Right now, this very moment, you know that I could give you all the tips in the world about how to pick up women and you'd still strike out.


You need to have a ground floor of understanding women before you can move forward and date any woman you want.

And yes, it is possible for you to learn how to pick up any woman, how to beat out all other guys and date the hotties, if you take the next thirty minutes to learn what to do.

This is the hardest sell you'll ever be exposed to, I promise you this.

And it's a hard sell because without this massive push you'll never, ever, understand your place around women.

You won't understand why you get overlooked by women.

Sure, you know a lot of women.

Friends? Sure, Bed-mates? Never.

There was a time when you were comfortable around women, now you're a scared little wussy, trying your best to be "cool" around women but really all you show, together with your body language and the words you speak, is what a scared little boy you really are.

And the women you approach sense this right away and they are turned off. No, they are REJECTING YOU before you even have a chance to really talk with them.

You can get past this.

Changing the way you approach women is not a single-step, one class project.

This is intense, tweaking of your personality, of your speaking voice, of the words you use.

You CAN and WILL pickup the women you want.

Here's your first step:

Write down everything you now about women that you think they have wrong about you.

Short? Pudgy? Bad hair, bad breath?

Write down what you think women have wrong about you.

On paper, now.

Once you have your list I want you to cross off everything that you think you could change about yourself that would help you pick up women if you changed it.

I bet that your entire list is now crossed off.

Do you start to understand how you think women see you?

This is what we will change, how you project your own self-understood inadequacies onto the women you meet, the women you interact with.

One step at a time.

Can you do this?

Yes you can. Get the Double Your Dating ebook here.

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
Robert L.




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