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This article: "Stop wondering where the women are and begin your dating education."

 Double Your Dating eBookThere was a young man who was glad in a flurry in a flash he was mad he grew to such a size they knew he wasn't wise and soon he was dead, wrapped in plaid.

The one thing with dating that most guys forget, or never properly learn, is that women date too. And they're just as likely to be just as afraid as the guys are about saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, or just looking the wrong way.

We’re not always at our best when we are nervous and were not always at our worst, either.

The trick to dating effectively, and to get the response you want, is to not be embarrassed by anything that happens. If you can laugh while life sucks you can date and have great results.

I remember being told once how to tell if a girl is into you when you're talking to her is that she will look over your shoulder or shall fidget with her fingers. She's nervous.

That's a good tell to know that you're in.

And you got to be able talk to the girl to be able to get anywhere with her. You don't have to be the master conversationalist but you do need to have something to talk about that is World of Warcraft or some other such nonsense. Hell, even knowing what the top video on YouTube this week is better than talk about your gaming efforts to a girl.

Don't forget how you dress either.

Sometimes it's cool if you're in jeans and everyone else is dressed up, but not usually. If you want to be the part you have to act the part and dress the part.

In hygiene is part of how you act dumb ass. When you're married, you can stop showering daily but until then, clean skin is next to a woman skin.

Stinky keeps a lonely winky.

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