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How To Keep Your Girlfriend Interested In You


This article: "One Simple Rule: If she will play, she will stay."

So here’s the deal: you’ve been with your girlfriend for a few days (weeks, months) and you’re not the only guy in a world full of women, you’re a guy among a whole lot of more guys that would love to be the boyfriend to your girlfriend. So how do you keep her interested in you?

Yes, the BIG question, keeping a girl interested in you.

We’re going to skip the part that you’re not popular enough to keep her, your muscles aren’t big enough, you care too much about her feelings and all of the BS.

No matter where you rate on the above, the answer is that you already have her, you don’t need to bulk up, get smarter, be meaner, any of that doesn’t matter. Remember, she picked you from all of the competition, her choice was you. It’s not what the other guys have when it’s you she wants.

The problem is that if you treat her like a “prize” and show her off, then you’re going to lose her because eventually, in this circumstance, she gets bored. After all, there’s only so many places you can go to show her off. And if she likes to be your arm candy, well, I hope you have deep pockets because she’s going to want to go places and be shown off.

Now then, let’s say that things really are working out well so far, she likes you, you like her and you both decide that it’s true love, a love that no other will break. Buddy, if she’s this dependent on you for her life, you’re in trouble because she’s going to keep you on a short leash. Bark, bark!

But this type is much easier amused. You want to keep this one interested? Plan to meet her at different places, like a foursquare game. Different coffee shops, different malls, just different places. And because you’re going to meet her there you don’t have to take her there, so there is always an element of surprise: “will he be on time? where do we go from here? why this place? If she’ll play, she’ll stay.

If you really want to keep your girlfriend interested, it’s in what you do, as long as she’s included and it’s not just hanging somewhere. Once you start doing things without her, or the things you do aren’t fun, interesting and sometimes new, she will be gone. There’s always another guy that will show her the town. When you have a plan, she’ll plan to stay.

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Have fun!

Robert Lee


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