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If She Likes Me Do I Call Her?


This article: You've got her phone number, you think she likes you... so you call her all the time to know what she's doing.....

... and what happens is that any reasonable interest she had about you disappears because you just can't give her any space.

You see, when a guy is just a guy (not with any woman) he behaves differently than when women are around and, he behaves even more differently when he likes a girl and he thinks that she likes him back.

So all this little gamer playing starts... he hits on her... she plays shy... friends get involved (where they shouldn't) to see if these two will hook up...

Double Your Dating eBookA real mess for something that isn't yet an established relationship.

And it's during these crucial first moments that the guy usually makes all the wrong moves and ends up being like a puppy on a leash for the girl.

So, if you want to know how often you should call a girl that you like approach the question this way:

Yes or No: is it better to make a girl wait for my call, then she finally has to call me first, or should I call her about every little thing I'm doing just so I can hear her voice and try to figure out what's going on inside her mind?

Think about that question a little. If you make her wait to hear from you, does she get more interested, and attracted, to you, or does she lose interest?

We can divide that question down to the basics... if she was interested, and is expecting you to call, the wait will increase whatever interest she has... if she has no interest, she won't be available on the phone and won't worry if your call is a few minutes late.

[ BIG note here: always, in the initial dating cycle, call a few minutes late. Don't offer an apology and if she asks why, tell her you had some superman duties to perform, or some other cocky answer. Got it?]

A lot of women have the internal attitude of "If he chases me, run. If he doesn't chase me, chase after him".

Do you see how this attitude works with what we've talked about above?

Phone calls are meant to make a woman think about you all the time.

You had a great date with her... maybe give her a short call afterwards, 2 minutes max, say you had a good time and you want to se her again. Make no plans yet, you'll call her.

And you call her three days later... do you think she's been waiting for your call? Yes.

Do you think she's wondering why you haven't called? Yes.

Do you think she's been thinking about you all the time? Yes.

And this is true for most girls, they can't get enough of you when there isn't an overabundance of you!

So play this calling game straight.

Don't call her a million times telling her every little thing you know and think. Ugh, that's the MAIN WUSSY ATTITUDE that I'm trying to strip out of you!

Don't call her once a day, no frequent texts, no emails, no voice mails...

The less she gets of you the more she wants you... UNDERSTAND?

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