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Double Your Dating: Become Rejection Proof

How To Stop Getting Turned Down By Women

  • Use your charm
  • Be funny
  • Hold her attention

I'm not charming enough.

You have charm inside you and now it's time to learn how to make it show when it counts.

Charm can be described as kindness directed towards one person, it's a way of communicating that you care for them, their feelings and their happiness, without being a sad little puppy seeking affection.

Once you are comfortable around women charm becomes a natural extension of your personality and conversation technique.

I've been told I'm not funny.

Anyone can be funny, it's what makes us unique in the stories we share.

I'm not talking about knowing a lot of jokes, I'm talking about being able to share the funny moments of our own life. This makes you available and approachable, so she wants to get closer to you without you having to pressure her at all.

I often run out of things to say and she turns away.

You need to understand tht the conversation isn't about you, it's about her!

If you're spending your time hitting on women and all you do it talk you'll be turned away 99 times out of 100.

But when you steer the conversation in such a way that she does all the talking by asking a few questions that relate to her personally, her attaraction for you will rise incredibly high.

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