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You've Won The Lottery And Don't Even Know It!


This article: "You need change in your life but instant wealth is not the answer to a happier you!"

You can enjoy a richer better today instead of wishing for a better tomorrow.

Now, don't throw anything at me, or click away just yet.

I want you to imagine that you've won the lottery. Instantly you have more money than you know what to do with, you're Bill Gates' richer friend.

Double Your Dating eBookSo, what will you do with all that money?

Buy cars, a big mansion?

Get your teeth fixed? Buy a better wardrobe?

Go on fancy vacations? A new hair cut/style?

Maybe even buy some hair, or get your legs lengthened to be taller?

This all amounts to a whole lot of change, but if you don't change the man inside, all the outer changes won't add up to much.


Sure you do.

Now, think about what you can do without all that money.

When you separate the man from the money you end up with The Man.

And becoming 'The Man' is the goal of any positive change that you might undertake?

Right? Are you still with me?

When you can find 'The Man' within yourself you effect a positive change that tells the world that you're OK with yourself.

A lot of guys understand that they need some sort of change in their lives, maybe you're one of these guys... but stop wishing for some drastic good fortune to find you and go get the life you want.

The dreams of extravagant lifestyles, of change that if hoisted upon you rather than earned is for most a pipe-dream, smoke in the eyes wishful thinking, really.

You can make change, positive change, that happens one step at a time, not all at once.

Change what you can and understand that you can't change everything about yourself.

You're still going to dot your "I's" and cross your "T's" the same no matter what you do.

You want to be what you can be changed, not someone else's dream, not some state-sponsored happiness jingle.

It's not that difficult to make the first step, if you really, really want to have an improved life you have to start with something; you have to start some time.

You have to start "some when" and I suggest that you make the decision for great change one small step at a time.

Making the choice for change so that you can enjoy a richer better tomorrow is the first step, the second step is understanding that tomorrow never comes... you need to start today to change all the other "today's" that will come.

You are a winner, you just have to learn to be one. 

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Talk to you soon,
David D.


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