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Making The Most of Your First Moment With a Woman


This article: You're going to learn three big things in this article. Things so simple and obvious but until you know you will continue making the same mistakes and missing the same opportunities with women.

Making the most of your first moment

Double Your Dating eBookYou're going to learn three big things in this article. Things so simple and obvious but until you know you will continue making the same mistakes and missing the same opportunities with women

You've been there and failed, rushing out with your tail between your legs.


She's only a girl. And once you know how to make her laugh you'll never need to worry about being rejected, or not even having the balls enough to talk to her in the first place

Trust me, I've all ready been there and I've already done that

You're going to learn three big things in this article. Something that every guy shares with his guy friends but no one ever acts on or they figure it's too hard to do and they continue failing with women.

  • You're going to learn how to talk to women
  • You're going to learn how to get a girl's phone number or email address and turn that into a date the next day
  • Most importantly you're going to learn that you can be more of a man than you think you are

The very first girl that I felt an instant attraction to was this red-headed beauty. I first saw her at a bus stop, we were waiting for the same bus. Even though I was awestruck by her looks I did manage to find my tongue enough times to introduce myself (it was winter so I said to her "I'm glad to share my weather with you" or something like that. We didn't chat much, the bus arrived and that was that. I didn't know her but she was friends with some of my friends. Getting closer to her was easy

We both ended up at the same party a couple of weeks after that first magic moment. Up to that point I was able to find out what her name was and that she wasn't dating anyone. Prime news

The party was fun, I was early, she was late. I hung out with my friends, loser singles all of them (LOL), then decided, right then and there, that rejection just couldn't happen, not that night. I approached her and sat beside her. The first thing I said was "I was hoping you'd show up". Surprisingly enough saying the truth was a good move because she replied "I was hoping you'd be here too."

We chatted and had a couple of dances, chatted some more. The first slow dance that we had together I whispered in her ear "I'd really like to kiss you". The song ended and she took me by the hand into another room and kissed me. We kissed a lot the rest of the night. It was a good night

What you and I learned: be direct, be honest, stay in the moment.

I wasn't really a chick magnet in my teens and twenties. I had to work hard to create situations that allowed for introductions to be made to the women I liked. It goes without saying that until I changed this strategy I didn't have many dates at all. I spent more time as a single guy getting drunk every weekend, and finishing the weekend still without even a phone number of a girl to call, than I did even meeting women all the rest of the week. What I learned from this was that:
1) I was a wussy, and
2) I had no real clue how to approach attractive women or what to say to them

Once my game changed, and I used a set plan that I could use on almost any woman, in almost any place and situation, my confidence soared and so did my success with women. Now, I wasn't a "serial dater" by any stretch of the imagination but I became popular and even though a lot of introductions led to dates, not all of them ended up in bed, but I did have a good network of female friends, and they gave me great references to their friends to date me. Thank you ladies!

The change happened when I realized the overwhelming stupidity of my fellow man and could make a story up about them and get a laugh out of a girl, then ask for her phone number, get it, and call her to meet me somewhere the next afternoon to hang out

Asking her to meet me for a coffee or an afternoon dessert gave me unpressured time to find out more about her, talk a little about myself and generally decide whether she'd be worth a second date or not. Most of the women were worth the second date, but not many made it to the third

If you need some funny, true and fresh stories go to the Reuters news web site and read the "Oddly Enough" section. These short and strange stories are always great conversation fodder. And it's even more fun when you say you say the girl's name in the article or say this is what happened to a friend. If she doesn't believe you, pull out your phone and look it up. So you're mistaken about her name being in the article... you did gain a couple more precious minutes in her company. And while you have your phone out get her email

What you and I both learned: Have some funny stories on hand, ones that can be slightly changed to tease her with and don't be afraid to ask her for her name/number/email and call her the next afternoon to meet you soon for coffee, dessert (my favorite choice) and keep things easy going.

As I got older introducing myself to women became much easier (ask anyone, doing something a lot of times usually helps you get good at it). And I could make her laugh within the first few minutes which helps women put down their "Automatic Player Repeller" guard

It is surprising but it is true. As you practice something it does get easier to do. And that if something is really something you want to do well, practice and learning need to be part of your plan. A man is defined not only by his family, friends and career. He is also defined by what he does in his personal life and how he manages his personal moments

If you're like I was a few years ago, you've got to pick up your personal game. And you've got to bring your personal practices into the other aspects of your life. Positive change is not changing the oil in your car, it's changing the car and the driver inside

You and I both learned that you can only make the most of your moments when you can appreciate what they are and when they happen. Stop hiding in the shadows. Step away from that wall.

Learn to have the time of your life and some awesome personal improvements too

I started on my own but soon found the 'Double Your Dating' ebook was what I was really looking for.

This simple read blew my mind away and totally changed how I approached women.

I learned that I had a lot to learn about women. You just might too.

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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